Top Reasons to Go for Brand Logo Redesign

Apart from your brand name, your company logo is something that a customer will continue to see whenever they come across your brand. The logo should portray the positive image about your company.  With changing times, no logo can stay relevant for years. If your brand goes through a major change, it makes more sense to go for a logo redesign. Before changing the logo of your company, as a business owner, you should ask yourself some questions such as:

  •         Is the logo technically not sound?
  •         Will it make a positive impact on my business?
  •         Is the logo too outdated?

If your answer is YES to most of the questions, then it’s time to rethink about logo redesign. Apart from the reasons mentioned above, here are few more that will give you confidence in your decision to redesign the logo of your company:

Logo has become too old

When you started the company, you had a logo you loved, but over the period of time, you might have noticed that the logo is not appealing anymore. An outdated or old logo is easy to spot even by those customers who don’t have any knowledge about design. An outdated logo has primarily two or three design elements that are no longer in style such as:

  •         Italicized fonts
  •         Gradients
  •         Bubbly texts

These elements make a logo too vintage. Fact is, it doesn’t matter how great your company is, there will be a point when the logo will become obsolete. As a business owner, you should be receptive enough to any changes in the design of your company logo.  If your company logo is outdated, you will look like an organization that is out of touch with the best practices.

Tip: Try to update your logo once in three years

Logo is too complex

In an era of the digital world, the logo that has too much of detailing along with gradient doesn’t go well with the digital media. Those companies that were found before the digital age, their logos might look good on the letterhead, but it won’t look same in digital ad creative. Fact is, logos with a simple design, look great on the web. As a business owner, if your company’s detailed logo is difficult to decipher on the web, then it’s time to rethink about redesigning the logo.

Company is evolving

With acquisitions and mergers happening all over the world, it becomes more evident that no company can remain static for long unless you are Apple or Samsung. When a company grows over a period of time, owing to that new products, new services, new company vision and a new vision can be introduced too.

Company mergers and acquisitions are no doubt things to be celebrated because they bring positive growth and development. However, along with these changes, the company’s original brand logo becomes irrelevant too. As a business owner when you are in such a situation, you should also think about redesigning the company logo to give your business a makeover.

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