Content marketing: 7 types of content that can help you get new customers

You, like all businesses, want to encourage a growing customer base. And sometimes, after a surge in customers, there can be a drop in new business. Perhaps you’ve tried various strategies to constantly attract a new set of customers (leads). 

One of the major channels that have worked well to generate new leads is content marketing, a type of marketing that involves the sharing of online materials such as blogs, videos, and social media posts. And sometimes businesses put a gate (a form the user needs to fill out in order to get that content) in order to generate more leads.

Here is a list of seven trending types of content that will perfectly complement your lead generation and increase your online presence:


1. White Papers

A white paper is a long form offer and detailed guide on a specific topic. It is one of the most preferred types of content to kick-start a lead generation strategy. One of the best ways to easily create your first white paper is by combining three or four of your favorite blog posts. If you don’t have a blog yet, start by interviewing your current customers and sharing how your business helped them solve their problems. This is also a great way to get to know your customers better while understandings their needs. 

Here’s an example of how BirdEye does white papers>

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2. Webinars

Get your web camera ready, because webinars offer a great opportunity to bridge the gap between downloadable, gated content and an in-person event. Attendees are given the opportunity to ask you questions and engage with you, or whoever is presenting. This makes webinars a wonderful form of content for getting new customers.

A few things to keep in mind regarding the webinars:

  • Use webinars to educate potential customers, without getting too specific.
  • Use language your customer would understand, avoiding acronyms. For example, if you are a doctor, avoid using the Latin terms for body parts.

And here’s how we do webinars>

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3. Videos

Video is a great medium to put a face to a brand and build a more personal relationship with a potential customer. It can be used by businesses in many different ways.

Various types of videos may include:

  • Customer success stories
  • Influencer interviews
  • Presentations
  • A visual guide about your product or service

Videos can have more impact than words to a more visually-oriented audience. And a good blog or piece of blog, when well complemented by an engaging video, can compel a customer to share his details and become your prospective lead.

Watch a video about how BirdEye explains our Business Insights product features>

4. eBooks

eBooks are also a long form of content, but they include more interactive content than a white paper does. They include more graphical elements in them, making them more appealing for your customers. 

Learn more about how BirdEye does eBooks and how to grow your business with online reviews>

5. Infographics

Infographics can be great visual representations of the key takeaways of an industry report, or when you want to bring plain statistics to life. And because they are easily shared, they are great for PR and if they’re exceptionally great, they may even go viral.

View infographic about the many advantages of search engine optimization (SEO)>

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6.  Assessments

These form an interesting type of engagement for the incoming and existing customers online. For example, a company that deals with foreign exchange can provide an online converter on their website. Similarly, a dietician can also include a BMI calculator on his/her website

content marketing

7. Online Quizzes

You know people love their online quizzes. Have fun with making one for your own business. An example would be a car dealership creating a quiz entitled, “What kind of car are you?”. Quizzes are great for attracting early-stage buyers and making people aware of your business. 

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In order to expand your consumer base from all possible online channels, you should share your content on every social media channel where you are present. Cross-posting these interesting pieces of content can be beneficial. With consistent social media publishing and social media engagement, you can notify existing and potential customer about the content you created, while giving them more info about your business.

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