Review Management

All of your reviews. All in one place.

Use AI to effortlessly manage and respond to every customer review from one intuitive dashboard.

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Review Dashboard

One dashboard for all your reviews

Monitor reviews from over 200+ reviews in a unified dashboard. Easily tag them, respond to them, 
or assign them to a rep as a ticket.

AI-assisted responses

Write the perfect review reply with AI

Write personalized review replies at scale with help from AI. Ask BirdAI to generate tailored responses from scratch or rephrase your replies to ensure they're on-brand, empathetic, and consistent. Fix grammar and change tone and length with ease.

AI-assisted responses
Review Translation

Translate reviews and responses with AI

You don’t need a translator to serve multilingual customers. Birdeye Reviews will automatically translate reviews into English — then translate your response in your customer’s language.

Review Translation
Review Summary

Understand review sentiment with AI

Summarize the sentiment of hundreds of reviews with a single click to quickly learn what’s working — and what isn't. Create reports by location and share with ease.

Review Summary
Review Alerts

Get notified of new 
reviews instantly

Don't let missed reviews become missed opportunities. Get notified of every new review so you can read and respond in seconds from your desktop or mobile app.

Review Alerts
Spam Detection

Target and tackle fake reviews

Don't let fake reviews ruin your reputation. We’ll find and flag spam so you don’t have to.

spam detection
Response Templates

Save time with 
pre-written replies

Effortlessly engage without extra effort. Save your team time and show customers you’re listening with customizable review response templates.

Response Templates
Response Automation

Trigger automated 
review replies

Create custom automatic responses for specific review sources, locations, or star ratings to engage your customers without lifting a finger.

Response Automation
Review Reports

Measure reputation across locations

Measure review count and reputation score over time and across locations. Create and share customized reports with local teams.

Review Reports

Uncover actionable insights from customer reviews

Identify trends. Implement changes. Improve your workflows. With review insights, you have everything you need to deliver exceptional customer experiences.


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