7 reasons why you cannot ignore customer reviews

Dhiraj Nallapaneni

3 min read Last Updated Sep 11, 2020

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You may sometimes wonder if customer reviews are a blessing or curse for your business. Research shows that 92% of potential customers read online reviews before choosing a business. That itself is reason enough to focus on customer reviews. Here are 7 other reasons that make customer reviews crucial to your business.

They help you understand customer issues

As a business owner, you aim to offer an exceptional customer experience. Reviews empower you to understand the true feelings of your customers, letting you drive changes and improvements when needed. Also, reviews are a great way of interacting with existing customers and providing them with a platform where they can share their experience.

They improve visibility on search engines

ignore customer reviews - search engine

Google and other search engines love user-generated content like online reviews. It is estimated that customer reviews account for almost 13% of all ranking signals that get you to the top of the search. Reviews are like a constant stream of fresh content that you can add to your website making it favorable for search engines. Customer reviews also have keywords that can improve your search engine rank.

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They build customer trust

Positive reviews make customers trust your business. According to research, customers trust online reviews just as much as recommendations made by their family and friends. Good reviews improve the perception of your business and help you get more customers.

They increase brand awareness

The more customer reviews you have across multiple online listings and social media, the more your brand name appears online. This brand publicity ultimately translates into new customers, more recommendations from existing customers, and a positive word-of-mouth marketing.

They help build your online reputation

By encouraging your customers to post their feedback about your business on review sites such as Google, social media and your business website, you can reach a wider audience. Positive reviews improve the online reputation of your business and draw in more customers. Here is how you can increase conversion rate using customer reviews.

They help you gain insights into what customers think about you

By analyzing and understanding the feedback from your customers, you can gain insights into what they think about your business and how your business is performing. Listening to your customers and addressing their problems can help a great deal in improving your overall customer experience.

Positive reviews are a great morale booster

ignore customer reviews - morale booster

Who doesn’t love compliments? Positive customer reviews are a psychological boost for you and your team. It’s an amazing feeling to see a five-star rating from your customer as soon as you check your email in the morning.

Getting new reviews is an important step towards building a compelling online reputation for your business. More positive reviews mean more business.

How can you get more customer reviews?

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