Use Customer Feedback as a Sales Tool for Your Business

Dhiraj Nallapaneni

4 min read Last Updated Feb 2, 2020

Customer feedback

User-generated content is critical for businesses across verticals. However, among all other forms of user-generated content, customer feedback and reviews are the most important resources. Not only does it help your business with a marketing and search engine optimization perspective, but also gives your brand credibility which boosts your revenue. If you haven’t been using customer feedback as a sales tool for your business, it’s time to start using now. 

5 ways customer feedback helps boost sales

Enforce credibility.

Your potential customers trust customer feedback more than what you post on social media on behalf of your brand. According to research, people trust reviews written by complete strangers just as much as recommendations made by friends and family. By having a large number of positive mentions and a great rating to go with it, you’re building a credible image for your brand, which translates into improved sales.

Better your services.

You build a great product that you expect your potential customers to love. However, even after doing all the R&D possible, customers may still want some changes. They may share their feedback with you in the form of reviews. Keep an eye on all feedback that you’re receiving and incorporate necessary changes in your product or service.

Do remember to thank your reviewers for their suggestions and request them to try the updated version. This way, you’re not just improving your chances of getting better reviews, but are also leveraging the situation to boost the sales of your updated offering.

Drive social media engagement.

customer feedback - social media engagement

Chances are that you already have a strong following on social media platforms for your products and services. If you are still finding it difficult to convert a regular social media follower into a customer, you’re probably not using user reviews to your advantage. Your potential customers love to understand the benefits of your product or service. However, they’ll not trust what you say about your product as much as they’ll trust what your customers say. Share the best customer feedback from your delighted customers on your social media pages to get new customers.

Even bad reviews can drive sales.

No business owner likes to see negative customer feedback for their products and services. However, the fact remains that even negative customer feedback can drive sales, if responded to correctly. Research shows that, if your business doesn’t have any negative feedback, 95% of your potential customers will believe that all your positive reviews are fake.

If you receive a negative review, respond to the reviewer politely, acknowledge their concern and solve the problem. After the issue is resolved, let them know that you’re eager to have them try your service or product again. This way your potential customers will know that you’re open to criticism. Additionally, it proves that you are trying hard to build the perfect product or service.

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Search engines love user-generated content.

customer feedback - seo benefit

Finally, the more user-generated content in the form of customer feedback you have, the more love you’ll receive from search engine algorithms. According to research, online reviews make a healthy 13% of all other ranking factors that search engines check to decide your business’ rank. All those great reviews that you’ve been getting will help you rank higher in search results and drive more customers to your business.  

The importance of using customer feedback as a sales tool cannot be undermined. Customer feedback is one of the most important tools for building a successful business. Right from enforcing your brand’s credibility, to improving its search engine visibility, reviews help you get more customers. If you’re finding it hard to get more reviews for your business, try out BirdEye’s powerful online reputation management solution that lets you get more reviews for your business, monitor your web presence and drive business insights to better your revenue.