How to get more reviews through dental practice marketing

Your dental practice marketing efforts define your dental practice’s reputation. Moreover, reputation is also defined by the quality and quantity of reviews your patients leave on online websites. More than 92% of customers, across all industries, search and read online reviews before they make a purchase decision, as stated in a recent article by the Wall Street Journal.

It’s the same in the healthcare sector too. Here too, 88% patients read reviews. Their choice of which doctor to visit is largely based on positive reviews. It is thus imperative for all healthcare providers to offer the best experience to their patients so that they can get more reviews.

As the owner of a dental practice, it’s important that your patients have a great experience. Additionally, you should also encourage them to write a review about their experience. So, how can dentists get more reviews from their patients without coming across as pushy?

It’s usually not easy asking your patients to review your practice once you’re done with their treatment. Rather, dental practice marketing requires a lot more effort from you. Here are a few tips that can improve your chances getting lots of positive reviews from your patients:

Dental practice marketing
Have a presence on as many review sites as possible

You can’t expect your patients to be available on the review platform of your choice. Hence, the best approach is to list your dental practice on several review sites while focusing on the most popular ones. This may be time-consuming but will ensure that your patients can find you on a review platform they already use.

Check-in on patients before they check out

You’re probably already doing this, but it bears repeating. Once your patients are out of the chair, it’s important to ensure that they are satisfied with the procedure. This will not just give you an opportunity to check on the patient’s sentiment, but also allow you to immediately address any concerns. No matter their opinion, you can thank them for their feedback and request them to review your practice online. You might even suggest a review platform where you want them to add that feedback. This will help you get more reviews on review websites that matter the most to you.

Dental practice marketing – Following up helps

Some patients don’t like to talk about their treatment right after receiving it. You should, therefore, keep the channel open by following up with them over the next couple of days. You may send a text or an email thanking them for their visit and requesting them to review your practice.

Printed handouts

Apart from sending emails, you can also share a one-page sheet to thank your patients for their visit. Here you can request them to rate and review their experience online. You can make it convenient for them by adding instructions of the reviewing process for your chosen website.

Add links to review platforms on your website

Some of your patients likely visited your website before they booked an appointment. For such patients, make sure that your site has links to review websites. Alongside links, you may also add a short video of the reviewing process to make it convenient for your patients.

Post a sign in the waiting room

Posting a sign in your waiting room for your waiting patients to read may help you get more reviews. Be sure the sign is eye-catching and includes the website address you want them to use access the review site. But before this, think about whether yours is a practice that is able to keep to your appointment schedule. After all, you don’t want bored patients looking for a place to complain about the long wait. As long as that’s not an issue, a few brights might really help remind patients to leave feedback.

Reward your reviewers

No, we don’t mean that you should offer free teeth cleaning to patients who leave positive reviews. A better approach (and one that won’t get you in trouble with review sites) is to make it a practice to respond to all your happy patients with a “thank you” note on their review. This not only provides positive reinforcement for your happy patients, it also encourages new patients to write a review for your dental practice. You can even share your best reviews on your website and social pages to inspire new patients to leave feedback.

Dental practice marketing can learn from retailers about reputation marketing

Even after following all the above mentioned, if you are not able to receive a lot of responses, here are two tips that can help increase your dental practice marketing response rate and get more positive reviews for your dental practice.

  • Always remember that you’re asking a favor from your patients when you ask them to write a review.
  • Clearly define how you benefit from your patients’ reviews. Let patients know that this simple step can help other potential patients understand what they can expect at your practice.

With these simple tips, you’ll be able to get more reviews to address those 88% patients who’re looking for them online before they make a choice. Once this step is done, it’s time for you to have a review management strategy. This will help you use online reviews to better your website’s search ranking and get more patients.

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