‘Facebook Reviews’ are now ‘Facebook Recommendations’

Ruchika Batra

2 min read Last Updated May 18, 2021

Facebook recently updated its platform. Facebook ‘Reviews‘ are now called ‘Recommendations’. Facebook confirms that they have made this change so that customers can share richer feedback about your business. This would help you be more visible in your local community and attract more customers. Let’s talk about how Facebook Recommendations work. 

Facebook recommendations explained

Previously, Facebook Reviews worked like most review sites. The consumer selected an option of 1 to 5 stars to express how they felt about a business based on a past interaction:

Option to select 1-5 stars and write a review

facebook review example

Under the new system, reviews have been replaced by Recommendations. Now, instead of leaving a rating, when a customer wants to review a business on Facebook, they can choose to “recommend” or “not recommend” a business page.

How to leave a recommendation

Here’s what Recommendations look like on a Facebook business page:

Facebook recommendation example

Don't recommend example

What does this mean for Birdeye customers?

Birdeye will continue to monitor your reviews along with reviews from other review sites. Instead of ‘reviews’, they will now show up as ‘recommendations. Facebook recommendations will show up without star ratings. Instead of star ratings, you will see ‘Recommended’ and ‘Not recommended’ for a positive and negative experience respectively. You will also be able to respond to Facebook recommendations from within the dashboard just like always. 

Good Facebook Recommendation

Don't recommend business

According to the 2015 Social Recommendations Index, about 71% of Facebook users trust the content that they see on this social media platform. Also, about 66% of users will share their thoughts, experiences, and opinions on a company or a recent purchase. Facebook recommendations are critical when it comes to being successful online.

To start with, make sure your Facebook business page is set up well. Also, ensure that Facebook is part of your online reputation strategy. Request all your customers for reviews or recommendations at the end of a fulfilling transaction and see your online reputation grow. As a rule, never forget to respond to reviews and recommendations from your customers.

Birdeye is a powerful solution that helps you to get Facebook recommendations and build a solid reputation online.