Online Reputation Monitoring – Why It Is Important for Doctors

In today’s Internet-focused world, online reputation management has become a critical area of focus for healthcare practices. Here’s why it’s important to pay attention to online reputation monitoring.

Online reputation monitoring is important for your practice. By leveraging it, you can:

  • Keep your listings updated
  • Understand what patients think of you
  • Respond to patient feedback on time
  • Keep a check on fake reviews
  • Win against your competitors

Keep your listings updated 

Users can create a listing for your healthcare practice on many online listing websites and business directories these days. Your practice could be listed and collect reviews reviews on some sites that you unaware of. To avoid this, it is important to continuously monitor your online reputation across the Internet.

It’s also important to keep a check on your practice’s business information such as name, address and phone number on online web directories and listing platforms. Inaccurate and incorrect business information may annoy potential patients and turn them to your competitors if they are unable to find the information they need.

There’s also a great chance that you might be penalized by Google if your phone number is not the same across different listings or if the same number appears for different locations. Inconsistent business information has a negative impact on your search engine rankings.

Understand what patients think of you

By monitoring what is being said about your practice online, you gain tremendous insights into what patients think and feel about your healthcare practice. Online reviews by patients can contain useful information like improvements that you can make or an unfriendly staff member. Also, if the same issue keeps coming into light, it may represent a genuine problem for your practice. Therefore, make the best use of this information to make necessary changes wherever possible.

Respond to patient feedback on time

respond to patient feedback

Responding to patient feedback, negative or positive, is a great healthcare marketing strategy. A well-thought-out response to positive remarks can help grow your relationships with your existing patients. A humble response to negative reviews is essential for minimizing their impact on your online reputation. To keep a track of what your patients are saying about you online, it is important to have a robust online reputation monitoring strategy in place. Responding to negative reviews is a way of showing your patients that you care about them. You are acknowledging their complaints and demonstrating a readiness to make essential changes.

Also, in some cases, if you are successful in striking a productive conversation with upset patients, they may withdraw their initial negative review or update it. This can help a great deal in improving your overall online reputation. 

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Keep a check on fake reviews 

To ensure that your online reputation is not affected by fake reviews posted by your competitors or people who hold grudges against you, it is essential to monitor your online reputation. Also, bogus reviews can severely impact your online reputation. They can destroy the trust that your patients have in your practice, affect your local search traffic and drag you into a legal soup.

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Win against your competitors

win against your competitors

Online reputation monitoring is important when it comes to identifying your competitors, tracking their strengths and weaknesses, understanding their strategies and gauging your relative advantages. Therefore, knowing your competition inside out can help you win over them and get new patients.

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Your practice’s online reputation is dynamic in nature and can change anytime. The change can be positive or negative. As long as you have a powerful online reputation monitoring solution in place, you have nothing to worry about.

Here’s the best online reputation monitoring solution for your practice!

BirdEye is a patient experience solution which provides a 360-degree view of your practice’s online reputation. With BirdEye, you can fix your listings across different online directories, social media sites and listing websites in one go. You can also track your competition, respond to patient feedback and gain insights into what your patients are saying about you. Moreover, you can do everything using a single dashboard.

So, the time to think is over, it’s time to act now!


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