Reputation management software – Why you should be using it

Dhiraj Nallapaneni

3 min read Last Updated Jan 15, 2019

With online reviews influencing the purchase decisions of over 90% of consumers today, managing them is of critical importance for businesses across industries. Although online reviews can easily help businesses reach out to more customers, managing them isn’t easy. This is where reputation management software comes to the rescue.

It not only simplifies the review generation process but also ensures that you are updated about every review that your customers write. This helps you take necessary action to boost your customer satisfaction rate.

Here are six reasons why you should start using an online review software immediately.

1) Never lose a review:

Your customers may choose to review your business on a platform of their choice (like Google reviews), which you may not be surfing on a regular basis. In such a case, you may end up losing many precious reviews, that can help you get new customers. An online review software makes sure that you never lose any reviews, no matter which review platform your customers choose.

Reputation management software

2)  Manage reviews easily

You may have hundreds of online reviews, but if you’re not responding to them, you’re overlooking opportunities to drive customer loyalty and solve customer issues. Apart from keeping you updated about all reviews that your customers are writing, reputation management software helps you act on feedback with ease, either to thank a customer for their positive review or address concerns of an unsatisfied customer. In the second scenario, a prompt response can turn a negative experience into a positive one.

best reputation management software

3)  Follow-up with your customers across channels:

Not all your customers will prefer reviewing your business online and sharing their feedback on a public platform. That’s why it’s important to be able to get feedback from your customers on a platform they’re comfortable with. Reputation management software lets you reach out to a broader audience by letting you follow up with customers through surveys, SMS or email, and gives customers the option to leave feedback privately.  This way you hear from every customer, even those not typically active online.

4) Leverage the flexibility:

Most good reputation management software lets you access your online presence from a mobile device. This gives you the flexibility to manage customer feedback on-the-go. Additionally, some reputation management software even lets you add different users and user roles. With this, your team members too can remain abreast with customer feedback and take necessary action if required.

5)  Empower your team members:

Reputation management software lets you encourage all your customers to share their feedback. Your efforts towards improving customer satisfaction will not just have a positive impact on your business but will also empower your team members to improve the experience of each customer. This will again translate into positive reviews from your existing customers.

6)  Generate insights:

An online review details a customer’s experience with your business and carries invaluable feedback and suggestions. Most successful businesses rely on customer feedback to plan new services and products. Good reputation management software solutions help you generate insights from customer feedback through analytics and graphs. With this data, you can identify the services that your customers may be demanding.

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