Reputation management – 3 ways how it helps your marketing

Small businesses invest a lot of money in marketing their products and services. While pursuing an aggressive marketing strategy can yield great results for your business, it’s pointless without investing in reputation management. Unfortunately, many businesses fail to take that into account.

In fact, establishing a good online reputation for your business should precede your marketing efforts.

There are several factors that go into the making of a credible online reputation. Starting from a good online presence and social visibility, to having more online reviews, everything counts. 

A good reputation management strategy will help you pack a punch in your marketing game and lead to greater sales.

Pay attention to these 3 points to learn how.

  • Good online reputation gets you more clicks
  • Online reviews help in trust-building
  • Positive online reputation translates to more revenue

1) Good online reputation gets you more clicks

Reputation Management - get more clicksIf you have a good online reputation, your marketing efforts will be more meaningful. When your small business is listed on all popular online portals and review sites, it becomes known to your target audience. So, when running advertising campaigns for promoting your business, your prospective customers can easily identify you. Your popularity will increase your chances of engaging your customers through your ads and get more leads.

2) Online reviews help in trust-building

Reputation Management - online reviews build trust

If your small business has several online reviews, it can make a big difference in your sales and marketing efforts. When your prospective customers get to read great online reviews about your business, they will find you more credible. In fact, positive online reviews also have the power of influencing the purchasing decisions of your prospective clients. When your current customers write good reviews, it implies that they are happy with your services. This makes your prospective clients believe in your business and convinces them to book a service with you. So, having online reviews basically means free marketing for your business as your customers are the ones promoting you! Isn’t this a great way to market your small business without spending a penny?

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3) Positive online reputation translates into more revenue

reputation management - Boosts your sales

By setting up a solid reputation management plan, you’re increasing the chances of making more sales for your business. This can happen in more ways than one. Having a great online reputation opens up many doors for your prospective customers to find you.

  • They could find you through your listings on popular online portals like ‘Google My Business’, or, your own Facebook page. Customers can also find you through a social post shared by your current customers with their friends.
  • Another great route for your customers to find you is through search engine results. If you’re also optimizing your content for search engine rankings, prospects will easily find you. When they search for your business or a related service on Google, your business will show up on top of the results.
  • If your website is updated with all your business details and optimized for mobile users, it will increase the chances of getting more leads. This is important because when you’re running advertisements for your business, you’re most likely linking your business website to those ads. So, when a prospective customer clicks on your advertisements, they get redirected to your website or landing page. But if your website is not optimized for mobile, you will lose out on good business leads and this will make your ads ineffective. A great website is the core of the online reputation of your business and it definitely affects your marketing efforts.

These are enough reasons for small businesses to focus on online reputation management. When you take care of reputation management, your marketing statistics will automatically start showing signs of improvement.

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