Social Listening Tips for Dentists

Dhiraj Nallapaneni

3 min read Last Updated Jan 7, 2020

social listening vs review monitoring

Listening to what your patients are writing about your practice on social media is important. Equally important is planning a social listening strategy that lets you focus on the relevant patient conversations and keeps irrelevant chatter at bay. Here are a few social listening tips that will help you make the most of your social listening efforts:

Listen to all channels.

One of the most important social listening tips is to listen to all channels. Your patients talk about your practice not just on Facebook and Twitter, but also on industry related websites such as Vitals, review websites and LinkedIn. By focusing your attention on just social media, you’re not getting a complete picture of your patient’s sentiments and your practice’s reputation. Add all possible sources to the list of your social listening tips to track your patients’ sentiments and act on concerns.

Listen regularly.

Employing a social media listening strategy for just a few weeks won’t help much. Social listening is a long-term strategy where you regularly monitor comments to identify trends and clues. Make social listening a priority for your dental practice and keep track of patient feedback. Engage with your patients online and respond to their reviews and feedback, both positive and negative. This social proof will improve your online reputation, help more patients find and when they do, they will trust you.

Listen to comments from your competitor’s patients.

Reviewing your competitor’s patient feedback is just as important as monitoring comments of your own. Is your competitor doing something that’s keeping patients loyal to them? Do they regularly receive complaints regarding certain issues, like a long waiting time? These are few insights that you’ll get by listening to your competitor’s patients actively on social media. Leveraging this information in your marketing strategy, you can differentiate your business on social media and increase the likelihood of acquiring more patients.

Don’t just listen – act.

act on feedback

Social listening will give you data on your practice’s reputation, patient sentiment and patient concerns. Make sure you act on it. For example, if you find that your patients are often uncomfortable after treatments, you can address these concerns internally and externally. Internally, you can add to your procedure process a session where you explain the common post-treatment side effects and the expected time until they will feel better.  

Externally, you can assure the patient they are experiencing post-treatment symptoms and invite them to call your office so you can provide personal care. If your patients are thanking you, go ahead and thank them for the positive note. Social engagement goes a long way in building patient trust and keeps patients loyal to your services.

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