6 advantages of social listening for your corporate wellness business

The corporate wellness industry is a fast-moving ship. Day by day, new types of businesses are springing up in order to meet the changing lifestyle needs of global customers. Business owners who can sense what customers want and don’t want to have the biggest advantage of discovering new growth opportunities. As a corporate wellness business owner, if you are smart enough to spot the customer demand for a new type of service, you can get ahead of your competition by being the first one to offer that.

You cannot read your customer’s mind but you can always listen to what they’re saying. Plug in the concept of Social listening.

What is Social Listening?

Social listening is nothing but the process of tracking online customer conversations around specific topics, words or phrases that are relevant to your wellness business. This information is then analyzed to draw actionable insights that can determine future decisions for your business.

It pays to listen to your customers. Here are the top 6 advantages of social listening for your corporate wellness business.

1) Figure out the 3 Ws

Social listening helps you address the 3 Ws –  who is talking about your wellness business, what is the context of their conversations and where are these conversations taking place. Whether your customers are mentioning you on Twitter or on Facebook, you can keep track of all those conversations. Using social listening, you can gather information about your popularity on social media, customers who take an interest in your business and which are the social platforms where your customers are most active. This is much more than what you can derive from setting up a ‘Google Alert’

2) Prompt customer support

Most of your customers use social media for queries, make a purchase and share their experiences. Before buying a service, they like to look up the business online and ask questions, if required. With social listening, you’re able to monitor all your customer comments, mentions, or reviews relating to your business across social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, etc. This makes it a great tool to leverage for an efficient customer support desk. Using the insights from social listening, your business can be very responsive in settling customer issues online. When you can monitor all your customer comments, you can prioritize sensitive matters and fix them quickly.

3) Find your influencers

While social listening helps you identify the customers who are talking about you on social media, it can also help you narrow down on brand or business ‘influencers’.

Influencers are those people who have a huge number of followers or subscribers on social media and have the ability to influence the opinions of their audience network. As a reward for their help, influencers are often given incentives or freebies by businesses who take their support.

Using social listening, you can discover influential people on social media, and explore opportunities for establishing tie-ups with them to run your influencer marketing campaigns. You can associate with them to spread the word about your wellness business by featuring influencers on your posts or alternatively, getting your business featured on their posts. You can request them to share information about your services, links to your website or social profiles and share your social media posts or updates. This gives you greater visibility online.

To have a detailed understanding of how you can use influencer marketing, you can read BirdEye’s blog on 5 ways how ‘Influencer Marketing’ helps your business

4) Understand customer sentiment

Social listening lets you understand the current customer sentiment towards your business by monitoring the specific keywords or phrases found in your customers’ online reviews.

Customer sentiment means how customers feel about your wellness business. They might like you, dislike you and sometimes, not even care about you. To know that you need to listen to what your customers are saying through monitoring your online reviews, Twitter mentions, Facebook messages, Blog post comments, etc. Analysing your customer sentiments could mean staying ahead of your competitors and ensuring a sure road to success for your business.

5) Identify customer trends

This is yet another advantage that you can derive from monitoring the specific keywords or phrases that are frequently used by your customers online. Suppose your customers are consistently using a specific term like Flotation Therapy’ or ‘Medspa Treatments’ in their Facebook posts, tweets, or queries on health and wellness online forums, you can pick insights about the current customer demand in the market. Use these customer insights and innovate your wellness services by offering these in-demand sessions. You can also use these insights to decide the direction of your content strategy and plan your marketing activities accordingly.

6) Keep an eye on your competition

Apart from monitoring social conversations for your wellness business, you can also use social listening as a powerful tool to gather insights about your competitors. Just like you can monitor all customer comments relating to your wellness business across social media channels, you can do the exact exercise for your competitors. This means that you can track what the customers of your business competitors are saying about them. You can use these findings as learning to compare your services and think of strategies to set a service benchmark that distinguishes your wellness business from your competitors.

Wellness businesses have a lot to gain from social listening. If used smartly, social listening can bring in greater efficiency in the way you market your business, innovate your services and provide customer support.

How can BirdEye help?

As a robust online reputation management and customer experience solution, BirdEye’s Social Listening feature helps you monitor your social conversations and take real-time action. The best part is that you can see all your social mentions, comments, online reviews occurring in different platform under BirdEye’s single dashboard. This means that you don’t have to bother with shuffling screens or pages to get a full picture of your social media engagement as everything is available in one place.

Apart from that, BirdEye has a host of other important features to help gain maximum advantage and create a successful online reputation for your business.  

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