If there is one platform that reigns supreme in online reviews, it’s certainly Google. The vast majority of consumers looking for a product or business online start with a Google search. Then, they will quickly find the option to read and write reviews on the product they are looking for. Due to the number of customers using Google to find the product they’re looking for and the seamless review process that follows, Google review trends are higher than anywhere else online.

Birdeye’s 2022 state of online reviews report analyzed the review data of more than 150,000 businesses and found pivotal Google review trends that prove Google should be a major part of your review acquisition strategy. Here are a few of the most significant trends that you need to pay attention to.

The vast majority of all reviews are left on Google

If one thing remained constant from 2020 to 2021, it’s that Google reigns as the dominant platform for online reviews. Our study found that 71% of all online reviews were written on Google in 2021, a 4% increase from 2020. This shows that Google is only continuing to be the platform of choice for consumers to leave and read reviews on products and services.

Graph showing increase in Google reviews from 2016 to 2021

Google continues to gain more reviews

If receiving the vast majority of online reviews wasn’t enough, we found that the total volume of reviews left on Google grew by 23% from 2020 to 2021. This shows that consumers find Google the most convenient, trustworthy place online to leave and read reviews. For this reason, local businesses have to focus on improving their presence on Google where they are most likely to be reviewed by their customers.

Bar graph showing a 23% increase in Google reviews from 2020 to 2021

Average star ratings on Google by industry 

While most industries receive reviews on Google, there are some that receive significantly more. Our report found that the automotive, beauty, finance, consumer, healthcare, home, hospitality, legal, property, and retail industries are the most heavily influenced by Google reviews. More significantly, we also found that the average Google review rating of businesses in these industries was 4.6 in 2021 when using the Birdeye platform.

Comparison graph of the top reviewed industries and their average star ratings on Google

Why do Birdeye customers get more Google reviews?

Birdeye customers on average, see an increase of 195% Google reviews in their very first year itself. The secret to this is Birdeye’s integration with Google’s private direct reviews API. This privileged use of Google’s private API comes as part of our partnership with Google. It enables Google’s review functionality to be embedded directly into the Birdeye platform.

This helps our customers get 2x higher conversion from review requests. Birdeye integrates with over 3,000 unique CRMs, PMSs, and other apps like Salesforce and Hubspot, so our customers can automate review requests. The result: A continuous flow of Google reviews.

Frequently asked questions about Google reviews

How do customers get more Google reviews with Birdeye?

Birdeye is integrated with Google’s private API due to its partnership with Google. This enables Google’s review functionality to be directly embedded into Birdeye’s platform. This is why Birdeye customers see an average 195% increase in Google reviews in just their first year with 2X higher conversion rates from review requests.

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Despite the critical information covered here, we’ve only scratched the surface of the 2022 state of online reviews. If you want to access more vital tips and trends that you can use to your benefit, you can read the whole report by clicking the banner below.