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The Secret to Winning Your Competitors' Customers Part 1, Out With the Old

Are you ready to start winning you competitors' customers?

It used to be that you could grow just by being big. It used to be, that if you were a Fortune 500 company, it defined you: you were a Fortune 500 Corporation, you were a fortune 500 CEO. Not any more.

The lifespan for a Fortune 500 used to be 75 years. Today, that lifespan has decayed to just 15 years that a company can stay on that list. And research actually suggests that soon it will be as little as five years.

Now, this is very disconcerting if you are an existing company on that list—you kind of feel that clock ticking behind you. But it’s also an exciting opportunity for those of you who aren’t … yet.

What's in this eBook:

  • Learn why you don't have to be a massive corporation in order to be a massive disruptor
  • Understand why marketing strategies of the past should be thrown out
  • Get customer-driven marketing strategies that will help you win your competitors' customers
  • Find out who your customers are listening to, and who they are no longer listening to

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