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What is brand reputation?

Brand reputation refers to how a brand is viewed by others based on public information. Today, brand reputation is determined increasingly by customers due to the advent of review sites, social media, and smartphones.

Why is brand reputation important?

A positive brand reputation means customers trust your company and are comfortable purchasing your products or services. On the other hand, a negative brand reputation can make customers skeptical of your company and hesitant to purchase from you.

How can I manage or improve my brand reputation?

Successful brand management requires a comprehensive, omnichannel strategy. The first step in brand reputation management is monitoring all customer feedback in real-time: this includes review sites, social channels, and customer satisfaction surveys. Negative feedback shared publicly can have immediate consequences, and while survey scores are for internal purposes, low scores mean there is a higher chance of the respondent spreading negative word-of-mouth after their experience with your business.

Monitoring feedback only makes an impact if you take action on it. Respond to customer concerns quickly to provide helpful information and solve problems before they become problems.

Positive feedback should also be managed diligently: happy customer voices are the most powerful marketing tool. Share positive testimonials on your company website and social channels to give prospective customers social proof of your brand’s credibility.

BirdEye and brand reputation

BirdEye gives businesses full control of their brand reputation, from review monitoring and review management to social ticketing -- the ability to convert reviews and social comments into support tickets. These tickets can be assigned to employees and management can track issue resolution over time and by owner to make sure no customer’s issue slips through the cracks.

As for the positive feedback, BirdEye’s Review Marketing tools help businesses promote happy customer voices to search engines, social channels, and their company website -- automatically.

With BirdEye, businesses can minimize the damage of negative reviews and maximize the power of great ones, and keep pace with customer conversations on all channels in real-time, consistently.