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In today’s mobile-first world, being listed in an online directory is crucial. Discover where your business should be listed.

With the advent of internet-enabled mobile devices, customers can find exactly what they want, when they want it, wherever they are. “Near me” searches have increased 34x since 2011. During their search for local businesses, many customers will be led to an online business directory.

What’s a business directory?

Think of the Yellow Pages back in the day--but now they’re online, with much more detail and information. Just like the Yellow Pages, many online directories categorize business information into lists. This information includes name, address, and phone number (NAP data ), and can also include enhanced content such as website URLs, photos, videos, menus, incentives, and more.

Thousands of business directories exist today where local businesses can create local listings . The traditional directories--YP, Mapquest, and Yahoo--have an average of 237 million active searchers combined. In addition to these, search engines and social networks contain business listings as well. Keeping your local listings accurate, up-to-date, and consistent across all directories is extremely beneficial to search engine ranking.

Why are business directories important?

Customers who search with their smartphones show local intent (the desire to buy offline and closeby) more than double the rate than consumers searching from a desktop. To drive more online searchers to their physical stores, brands should make a dedicated effort to keep their local listing information complete, up-to-date, and consistent across business directories--the more directories your business is listed on, the more likely searches lead to purchases. Consistent listings across business directories also boosts local SEO. The more times a piece of information appears, such as a phone number or address, the more search engines trust and prioritize it on a search engine results page .

Why might a business directory list incorrect information for my business?

Publishing sites can find business information from many places. NAP data is even sold to companies in bulk from data aggregators. In these cases, businesses have little or no control over the content these publishers list about them. The information gathered through data aggregators takes weeks or months to completely update across directories, leading to frequent inconsistencies.

How can I make sure my listings are consistent on every business directory?

It’s easy to claim your business’ local listings manually on many business directory sites. The challenge is keeping all of them accurate and up-to-date on a large scale. Doing so manually is time-consuming, overwhelming, and highly prone to error. With a tool like BirdEye’s Online Presence , your business can update its local listings across hundreds of sites and directories in real-time, from one place.

BirdEye and business directories

BirdEye gives you real-time control over your local listings for each business location, and allows you to easily update NAP data and enhanced content like directions, hours of operation, product categories, menus, and incentives--all from one dashboard. Simply update information in BirdEye, and the platform instantly syncs your changes across 50+ sites . To ensure your listings stay consistent, BirdEye continuously scans the web for any inaccuracies and fixes them automatically.

Wondering how your business appears on business directory sites? Scan your business now . It’s quick, easy and free!