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What is customer engagement?

Customer engagement refers to the ways customers interact with a business--whether it’s contacting a call center, reading or writing an online review, visiting a company’s website, or mentioning a brand on social media. While the term covers a wide range of behaviors, each form of engagement is a critical touchpoint in the customer journey that cannot be ignored.

Why is customer engagement important?

Customer engagement is an integral part of overall customer experience: the level of engagement determines whether your customers feel connected to your brand and willing to purchase your product or service, as well as how likely they are to recommend you to others. Customers today have higher standards than ever, and expect not just excellent experiences, but consistent ones. This means to retain customers, you must engage in an ongoing dialogue with your customers to prove your reliability and demonstrate your dedication to their satisfaction.

How can I measure customer engagement for my business?

Step one is to view yourself through the eyes of your customers. Developing a customer-centric perspective involves monitoring every way customers interact with your company along each individual customer journey, and analyzing the behaviors that follow engagement.
While customer engagement itself is not quantifiable, the insights surrounding it shed light on its effectiveness.

  • Where are most organic leads coming from?
  • How many online reviews do you have, and on which sites?
  • How recent are they?
  • What exactly do customers who rate you highly like about your company?

Trends in sentiment and frequency from customer feedback reflect how engaged your customers are and reveal which types of engagement are most likely to convert. With this information, you know where to make customer experience improvements that will enhance consistency and quality.

How can my business increase its customer engagement?

Regardless of industry, here are some foundational best practices for cultivating customer engagement:

  • Identify and thoroughly understand every way customers interact with your business: Organize each form of customer engagement into a streamlined customer journey timeline. Structure the timeline around customer goals, not your own, and keep it simple. This process of mapping out cause and effect helps you pinpoint which types of customer engagement smooth the customer journey and which obstruct it. With this insight you know where to make adjustments to increase conversions.

  • Monitor all customer engagement in real-time from one place: The only way to accurately analyze each form of engagement--brick and mortar retail locations, call centers, review sites, social media, and more--is with a unified Customer Experience Management (CEM) strategy in place. BirdEye’s solution lets you track all customer activity from one centralized dashboard and compare real-time trends in sentiment and frequency so you stay connected with your all customers, every second. Distribute insights company-wide so every team can respond directly to relevant customer issues and seamlessly collaborate across departments.

  • Take action on customer engagement: Close the loop on customer feedback by responding to customer conversations and resolving issues before they escalate. Operationalize customer engagement with a unified CEM approach to manage all customer comments across the web with decisive delegation: when relevant employees have the means to promptly address customer comments and take appropriate action, they can turn potential problems into positive customer experiences.

  • Drive satisfied customers to places with high engagement: Often the highest engagement occurs on review sites, where customers tend to vent frustrations more than leave praise, skewing ratings and brand perception. Capture feedback from all customers to balance the scales--make public sharing easy, so satisfied customers who aren’t typically active online are more inclined to leave feedback.

As a business, you have no control over what customers say about you, but by focusing on providing consistently outstanding experiences, you can tip conversations in your favor. BirdEye’s Review Generation solution pre-qualifies sentiment, amplifying happy customer voices to sites you and your customers care about most.

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