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What exactly is customer experience management?

Customer Experience Management (CEM) refers to the way a company takes charge of its customer relationships. Most often, each silo within a business structures its own specific customer interactions. CEM instead takes a unified approach, monitoring every step of the customer journey across every department from one vantage point -- that of the customer.

Connecting to customers transparently and viewing yourself through their eyes builds loyalty and boosts retention. It also sparks positive word-of-mouth, the most powerful driver of customer acquisition.

What are your customers saying?

To accurately understand your customers’ experience, a proactive method of capturing their feedback is necessary. Only by listening closely to your customers can you know them, and only by knowing them can you exceed their expectations.

Let everyone hear.

Collecting insights from customer feedback is only the first step. Make this information accessible to the company as a whole, and facilitate organized responses by delegating insights to those within your organization best equipped to manage them. Take focused action on holistic analytics to provide seamless solutions department-wide.

Understand and improve.

Progress only moves in one direction: forward. You need to fully understand laggers and drivers of customer satisfaction and structure growth around these. Most importantly, keep listening -- customer experience is determined by the second, so you cannot afford to miss a word.

Dangers of siloed customer experience management

Typically, businesses have separate teams designated to manage various sales channels such as retail locations, online, and call centers. This system is clean and organized, but there’s a major loophole: customers don’t know where department lines are drawn or where policies change. No communication between teams can lead to completely different experiences depending on who the customer interacts with.

Maybe your business is siloed by function. Confining customer experience responsibilities within each silo obscures the bigger picture: each team will analyze feedback data to measure their own performance. By this point, any damage has been done earlier on, in the hands of another team. This means the same mistakes can be made again and again and no one will know -- except the customer.

Cohesive customer experience management drives growth

Transparency across departments enables transparency between you and your customers -- a unified customer experience management approach allows for improvement at every point of the customer journey and a solid brand identity that customers can trust.

  • Ensures informed decisions, consistent experiences, and happier customers
  • Saves time and money, as teams just need to learn one platform in order to regularly monitor and manage feedback in real-time
  • Sheds light on customer issues across all locations, products, channels, and market segments
  • Reveals which areas of the business are most influential towards customer satisfaction
  • Provides leading indicator of business performance based on analysis of customer experience and customer satisfaction

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