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How to get reviews on Google

Google reviews have a huge impact on your search engine ranking and overall online reputation. The problem is, often even the happiest customers don’t take the time to leave a review.

So how can you get more Google reviews for your business?

While there is no shortcut to getting authentic reviews, here are a few tips for a successful review management strategy:

  • Verify your business on Google My Business. This way, your information can appear on Maps, Search, and other Google services. You can only respond to customer reviews if your business is verified. Learn how to verify your business.

  • Ask customers to leave a review while they are still on-site. Text message requests tend to have a higher conversion rate.

  • Make the review process seamless. BirdEye routes happy customers directly to third party review sites via app deep-linking to eliminate obstacles like logging into a review site and finding your business page. The fewer steps involved in leaving a review, the higher the likelihood of customers doing so.

  • Do not offer incentives. This violates Google’s terms and conditions, and does not help you understand how your customers actually feel about your products and services.

  • Do not publish fake reviews. Do not accept or publish reviews written by employees, friends, or anyone associated with your business either. These reviews are biased and will likely be flagged and removed by Google.

  • Respond to reviews you already have. Thank customers for their positive feedback, and offer support to customers who left negative reviews. This transparency prevents negative word-of-mouth from spreading and saves your online reputation.

    • Of course, the only way to ensure your customers leave positive reviews is to provide outstanding products, services, and experiences on a consistent basis. If you make your customers happy, they’ll do your marketing for you.