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What are Google seller ratings?

Google seller ratings are an automated extension in AdWords Search ads that showcase advertisements with high ratings from online reviews. Google gathers seller ratings from reliable sources that aggregate business reviews, and displays them below text ads in Search Network campaigns.

How can Google seller ratings help my business?

Star ratings beside text ads catch customers’ eyes and provide social proof of a business’ high quality products and service, improving ad performance and earning more qualified leads. Google seller ratings are proven to increase click through rates by 17-20%.

What are the requirements to use Google seller ratings?

To take advantage of Google seller ratings, your business needs at least 100 unique reviews from the past 12 months with a composite rating of 3.5 stars or higher from one country. These reviews must come from either Google Trusted Stores, Google Consumer Surveys, or third-party review websites. While 100 unique reviews is the minimum required, the more unique reviews you have, the higher the likelihood of seller ratings showing with your ad.

What do Google seller ratings look like?

Google Seller Ratings

BirdEye and Google seller ratings

Since the BirdEye platform aggregates all your reviews from third party sites, Google gathers seller ratings from BirdEye data. BirdEye’s Review Generation tool allows your business to automatically collect new positive reviews from your happy customers across 250+ sites. The constant stream of authentic positive reviews not only boosts ratings and SEO, but also enhances your Google seller ratings, increasing the likelihood of your great ratings showing up beside your ads.

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