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In order for your business to be found in online search results, having accurate NAP data is crucial. Keep your business information accurate, up-to-date and consistent with BirdEye.

What is NAP data?

NAP data refers to a business’ name, address and phone number. This is the most valuable information in a business listing, as it allows customers to contact or find the business that best meets their needs.

Why is NAP data important?

NAP data is the most basic level of geographic information in a business listing, and therefore is critical for driving foot traffic to local businesses. When customers want to visit a local shop, restaurant, or venue, they turn to search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing. They expect instant, accurate search results, and often consider the information they find online to be more reliable than recommendations from friends and family.

Customers rely on Google to find local businesses: 98% of them begin their search on Google. To help customers find local businesses that suit their needs, search engines rely on NAP data.

Benefits of accurate NAP data

Not only does accurate NAP data across sites bring more customers through the door of the physical business location, it also increases online visibility of business listings to customers on a search engine results page (SERP ). Search engines are more likely to prioritize listings with consistent, rich information, regardless how authoritative the source of that information is.

On the other hand, when search engines find conflicting or old business information online, they deem the business less credible and trustworthy and rank it lower. Inconsistent local listings across sites also increases the likelihood that data aggregators will create duplicate listings, further lowering search ranking

BirdEye and NAP data

Prevent inaccurate or outdated online business listings with BirdEye’s Online Presence tool, which gives you complete, real-time control of your business listings across 50+ sites and business directories. Not only does BirdEye ensure your NAP is correct wherever it’s listed, it also lets you update and add enhanced content like hours of operation, product categories, photos, videos, menus, incentives, and more. This rich information is more engaging and helpful to customers searching online, and boosts local SEO .