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What is Natural Language Processing (NLP)?

Natural Language Processing refers to a combination of computational linguistics, computer science and artificial intelligence designed to program computers to process large natural language corpora. NLP is frequently used alongside machine learning to interpret vast quantities of human language data.

Why is Natural Language Processing important?

Review monitoring is just the first step in connecting to your customers. Rating averages and review volume only tell you so much. The most valuable business insights are hidden within customer conversations themselves. Traditionally, to uncover meaning from text, businesses use manual coding or run algorithms based on pre-programmed phrases. These methods cannot accurately uncover true customer sentiment about your business, and without specific insights, you cannot take focused action to improve customer experience.

How can Natural Language Processing insights help my business?

Ratings and survey scores barely scratch the surface of the full customer experience. NLP insights give you a holistic view of all customer feedback and focus on only the most crucial information from mountains of unstructured feedback data. These deep insights allow you to dive beneath reviews and ratings to identify root cause driving positive and negative sentiment, discover trending topics and identify exactly where to go to fix emerging issues.

BirdEye and Natural Language Processing

BirdEye’s NLP engine engine, Athena, crawls all your feedback from review sites, social media channels, and surveys, then extracts sentiment themes from text analysis. Athena is responsive to the unpredictable nature of real online conversations and actually understands what your customers are saying in real-time. Athena structures insights in a three-tiered hierarchy:

  • Overall business themes
  • Keywords and adjectives used to describe themes
  • Locations or products that need improvement

BirdEye also runs NLP on your competitors’ customer feedback so you can benchmark operational performance and identify opportunities to capture market share. BirdEye’s NLP insights are designed to enable decisive action that moves the needle.

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