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What is omnichannel customer experience?

In today’s digitally connected world, both customers and businesses have more avenues of interaction than ever: physical store locations, review sites, and social media channels all impact customer perception of a brand, and often the customer experience takes place on all three simultaneously. To manage this convergence of online and offline experiences, brands must understand the omnichannel customer experience: a view of every customer touchpoint for all customer journey paths that construct a unified view of overall customer experience.

Why is omnichannel customer experience important?

Businesses that do not implement solutions to adapt to this new landscape risk losing their customers and falling behind competitors with solutions in place. Customer experience is the top differentiator between businesses today, and to acquire and retain customers, businesses must exceed customer expectations at every turn and provide a consistent experience across all channels.

What’s involved in an omnichannel customer experience strategy?

Vast amounts of customer data pour in every second. To make it actionable, a systematic method of converting that unstructured feedback into clear insights is required. A good omnichannel customer experience channel requires developing a 360 degree view of your business through your customers’ eyes. This involves customer engagement, information management, location-specific intelligence, as well as detailed reporting and analysis.

Once you’ve established a deep understanding of your customers’ expectations, your goal should be streamlining operations across all channels to provide a seamless experience online and offline, at every touchpoint and every location. This may sound challenging, but by distributing insights from customer feedback across all departments, you can equip all employees with the contextual knowledge required to deliver above and beyond experiences.

BirdEye and omnichannel customer experience

BirdEye lest you monitor customer feedback from review sites, social media, and surveys in real-time, and runs Natural Language Processing (NLP) on all unstructured feedback to convert it into actionable insights. With these insights, you can identify common sentiment themes across all channels, and benchmark performance across locations.

BirdEye’s Social Ticketing tool lets you turn review sites and social media mentions into support tickets. Assign these tickets to employees and track response rate and issue resolution to close the loop on customer feedback.