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What is User Generated Content?

User Generated Content (UGC) is any content that has been created and published by an unpaid contributor, such as pictures, videos, reviews, tweets, blog posts, and more.

Why is User Generated Content important?

User Generated Content is the most cost-effective form of brand promotion, and also the most powerful. UGC helps customers see how a brand’s products and services would actually fit into their lifestyle.

Customers trust other customers most -- 92% of customers consult online reviews before making a purchase decision, and 51% of customer trust real customer’s photos of a brand more than any other information available on a brand’s website. Social media is also buzzing with engaging UGC that is posted, liked, and shared by millions of people every second, influencing brand reputation.

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How can I use User Generated Content to grow my business?

Treat User Generated Content like you would treat regular branded marketing content: promote user-generated photos, videos, and reviews to company-owned pages like your business website and social channels. Since this content is created by customers, its message has a higher chance of resonating with prospective customers than content created by your brand.

In addition to a promotional tool, use UGC as an opportunity to connect to your customers on a personal level by liking and commenting on their posts about your brand.

BirdEye and User Generated Content

BirdEye creates a custom microsite for each business location displaying its best reviews from 200+ sites. This review feed is constantly updated with fresh content, boosting the microsite’s SEO so when customers search for that business or industry, an up-to-date collection of authentic testimonials shows up on page 1 of results.

BirdEye also lets you auto-publish your best reviews to your company website and social channels so wherever prospective customers find your brand they also find social proof that customers love it.

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