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What is Voice of the Customer?

Voice of the Customer refers to the process of capturing customer sentiments and experiences and sharing insights within your company. It has several crucial purposes:

  • Discover what customers like, and what needs improvement
  • Identify reasons behind both high and low scores
  • Understand the way customers perceive your company’s overall performance as well as specific products and services
  • Turn customers into advocates by amplifying word-of-mouth referrals
  • Structure company growth directly around customer feedback intel

Why is Voice of the Customer important?

Voice of the Customer enables you to retain existing customers and acquire new ones by continuously improving products and services. Your customers are aware of strengths and weaknesses within your business that you cannot possibly know about without listening to them.

Simply analyzing business transactions tells you very little, and can be very misleading as a metric of consumer sentiment. Of course, you know what products and services customers seem to like most, but you’re only scratching the surface. What specifically do they like about their purchase? Did they seek it out or reluctantly settle on it due to lack of alternatives? Listening, interpreting, and incorporating customer feedback into your growth strategy gives you an invaluable competitive edge: with Voice of the Customer, you can give your customers precisely what they want, the way they asked for it.

Voice of the Customer is also the only way to experience each customer’s journey firsthand: keep pace with customer feedback at every moment of truth, from interactions with staff, to purchases made, to any thoughts following this purchase. Every customer experience is unique, so every customer experience is important. Voice of the Customer connects you to each one, you just have to listen.

How can I access Voice of the Customer?

You can listen to the voice of the customer in several ways. Until recently, access to the Voice of the Customer was relatively limited -- traditionally, companies use methods like focus groups, interviews, ethnographic studies or Net Promoter Scores to glean insight into customer sentiment.

This all changed with the introduction of internet-enabled mobile devices: today’s customers can now connect to one another instantly, and you can connect with them as well. With unsolicited and solicited feedback from review sites and social media available in real-time, you can hear customer conversations as they occur, and even join in to ensure outstanding experiences.

BirdEye and the Voice of the Customer

We collect feedback from all channels -- review sites, social media, surveys -- and convert it into actionable insights for company-wide access. Once you’ve started generating new reviews, you can manage it in real-time: respond to negative feedback privately to resolve issues, or amplify positive feedback to top consumer sites to draw in new customers. Use BirdEye’s sophisticated business insights to discover the driving factors behind ratings, and prioritize development accordingly.