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    Great Customer Service and Very Informative on how their system works. Got step by step guidance on how to navigate Birdeye.

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    Shraiya Bansal was very helpful with onboarding. She made the whole experience seamless. I highly recommend her. The Birdeye dashboard has been a great tool for my business.

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    Karan is awesome at his job, and as a human. He explained Birdeye in two sessions during Onboarding to the degree I feel confident in how he trained us and going forward how productive Birdeye will be. We signed up. It took us two lazy weeks to get things going. In one short week We bumped up five reviews so I see the power in the tools.

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    Great software for any small business Pros: Easy to use for businesses as well as clients. We have received a significant increase in reviews The chat feature has changed our business for the better. Cons: The contacts don’t always migrate properly. Sometimes it only transfer a email or phone number but not both Overall: My overall experience has been great and I would highly recommend it

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    Review Management Simplified Pros: Ease of use, customizable campaigns and incredible customer support! Cons: Review notifications can sometimes become disconnected, must then be reconnected to in order to be notified of when reviews are received

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    Great staff and the amazing features for helping business grow.

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    Birdeye Platform Review Pros: Everything is in one place and there is a suite of products that can make everything all-encompassing. Cons: Sometimes it can be glitchy or take a while to load. Now and then, there's an update and that update may erase listing data. Sometimes there's an issue with the Google Business Profile connection where it doesn't send data or information to GBP. Overall: Birdeye has its ups and downs like any platform, but I do enjoy using it. Especially the contacts I have at Birdeye. They are always super helpful and responsive!

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    Great process, can't wait to use it

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    Very professional and nice

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    Had the best onboarding experience with my onboarding expert, Itishri. She's the best! We are loving our new products!

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    Great support and onboarding was very helpful.

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    Great experience with Pragya and Birdeye.

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    Oak Court Luxury Apartments. Nice apartments and quiet place to live. Safe neighborhood close to multiple food options such as Wendy's Panda Express culvers and Andys. Well kept grounds, pool, basketball court, and gym. Not far from Wal-Mart and Aldis.

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    Fantastic software and customer serviceUse Cases and Deployment Scope - We use Birdeye mainly for automated review responding. We're able to creat custom response templates and have them trigger based off specific ratings and/or platforms. Being able to do this has saved my team countless hours of time logging into all the different profiles we manage and responding to reviews manually.Pros - Automated review response -Customer service -User friendly interfaceCons - More robust reports -Informing current customers with latest featuresLikelihood to Recommend - Birdeye has loads of features that are valuable to any type of business. Review responding with Birdeye has been an effortless experience and has saved my team hours and hours of work each month. Even if you dont use the automated response feature, Birdeye makes it incredibly easy to response to reviews on an abundance of platforms.Return on Investment - Saves my team 5-10 hours a week -Easy to onboard new clientsAlternatives Considered - ReviewPush and Podium - It has been some them since I have used either one of those platforms but at the time Birdeye had plenty more features than the others. They were also the first one I found that had automatic review responding.Other Software Used - Zapier

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    Geat Product!!Use Cases and Deployment Scope - We currently use Birdeye for work order follow-up/reputation management and resident retention. It allows us to dive into how satisfied residents are after receiving services from us. We are able to call residents back and address any issues they may have encountered with maintenance during work orders being completed.Pros - User-Friendly system -Send out review links to multiple means of communicating -Allows us to get a better understanding of how residents feel about the service providedCons - More ways to send out links -Call/text residents right from the home screen -Get a full report monthly/weeklyLikelihood to Recommend - We are able to get detailed reviews sent back to us from residents who have closed work orders for that week. We are able to reply back to either email or phone. I would like it if we were able to receive a response back after we reach back out through Birdeye.Return on Investment - We have had high resident retention. -Less work orders not being completed accurately and in a timely manner. -We are able to see which maintenance needs improvement.Alternatives Considered - I have not used another site that is better than Birdeye. None of the other sites I have tried, allow us to utilize 2 different means of contact. It is very simple to use and customer service gets issues resolved in a timely manner. An all-around great product. I would highly recommend this product to all businesses that deal with the public.Other Software Used - 1CRM, Knock

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    Excellent service

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    Very pleased with the onboarding program at Birdeye, the process was easy to understand and implement. We have used Birdeye in the past and look forward to using their services this time around as well. Would highly recommend to any business.

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    Great support during setup. Excellent dashboard, and ease of use. Great product.

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    Bird Eye knowledge is Real and Powerful

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    Great program to have Pragya Awasthi was great she worked around my schedule to make sure I understood the program and was very helpful

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    Birdeye is Great!Use Cases and Deployment Scope - I use Birdeye to send out review requests for several clients. We use Birdeye to get our clients' legitimate, 5-star reviews so that we can improve their online presence. I use it on a daily basis with 50-75 clients. Some of my clients are integrated, some of my clients use QR codes, and some of my clients send me client lists.Pros - Efficiently help problem solve -Communicate well and follow up -Platform is very user-friendlyCons - When there are problems, making the process more understandable to us and to clients - specifically with integration issues -QR code maker could be improved for more customization -More customization options in review requestsLikelihood to Recommend - I think Birdeye is great for businesses that use a CRM system that is able to integrate with Birdeye so that clients are automatically pulled into Birdeye and sent review requests. I would also say this is more suited for businesses that see multiple customers and clients weekly versus businesses that maybe only have one or two clients a month. Ex: Dentist offices get great returns, but contractors/real estate agents may not be as great.Return on Investment - Helps improve Google ranking -Helps give clients a place to voice their opinion specifically contacting for concerns -Gives businesses better reputation and more credibilityAlternatives Considered - I have not used any other platforms similar to Birdeye.Other Software Used - Google Business Profile, CodeMonkey, UberallUsers and Roles - Account managementSupport Headcount Required - They are managers who act as the liaison between the rest of the account management team and birdeye and help us learn and use Birdeye.Business Processes Supported - Review generation -Review monitoring -Review respondingInnovative Uses - QR Codes -CRM integrations -Customization featuresFuture Planned Uses - Messaging features -Citation management -Referral gatheringLikelihood to Renew - Birdeye is extremely beneficial in generating new reviews for clients and there is a direct impact on their business from these reviews.Products Replaced - Not SureKey Differentiators - Integration with Other Systems -Ease of Use - I would say ease of use was the most important not only for our team but for our clients as wellEvaluation Lessons Learned - Maybe consider other services that Birdeye offers.Implementation Details / Implementation Partner - Don't knowSupport Rating - Support is really responsive for the most part. I don't feel like they explain it the best for people who aren't as tech-savvy. I have recently had trouble with a more difficult integration and it is hard to pinpoint who I need to reach out to.Exceptional Examples of Birdeye Support - They are very good at answering any questions I have about integrations and if they can't answer or don't understand they will have a meeting with me.Usability - Birdeye is extemely easy to useEasy Tasks - Set up -Review bulk uploads -Setting up integrationsDifficult Tasks - QR CodesMobile Interface Availability and Impressions - Yes - It works very well.

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    Great tool for any business owner!Use Cases and Deployment Scope - Birdeye is a partner with my agency to help us help our clients facilitate reviews for their businesses. I use Birdeye every day to send out requests, pull reports, and overall present my clients with their current online reputation.Pros - The technology is great -They are constantly coming out with updates and new functions -They make the entire process easy and user friendlyCons - Sometimes support is unresponsive for weeks -Providing more feedback as to why a client may have failed the 10DLC form -Being able to turn off messaging without contacting supportLikelihood to Recommend - -This tool is great for any small to medium-sized business that is working to help grow its online reputation -Anyone looking to get reviews -Anyone looking to get reviews through multiple different scenarios -Anyone who wants to be more hands-off and have something done for them -Anyone who wants to be more involved or choosey in who is being sent requestsReturn on Investment - Helping to facilitate reviews -Helping to deter people from writing bad reviews -Sometimes reviews aren't posted to GoogleAlternatives Considered - I have not used any other product similar to Birdeye

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    BirdEye - Be Found, Be Heard, Be Chosen, and CommunicateUse Cases and Deployment Scope - We use Birdeye to communicate with our customers through multiple channels like Facebook Messenger, Instagram Messenger, Google Chat, Live Chat, and texting to name a few. A great platform that started as a review company that has morphed into a full-blown customer retention, customer acquisition, and retention platform. Would not leave home without them!Pros - Manage reviews from monitor to promote to ask for or acquire reviews -Unified communication Inbox -Social module -Mass texting, one on one texting, two way textingCons - Better email -More APIsLikelihood to Recommend - Most businesses fail at communicating with their customers and Birdeye makes that process easy and beneficial for both the business and the end client. Every business that collects email and cell that deals directly with the public can use Birdeye. We feel just about every business can find Birdeye as a benefit so not sure where the less appropriate applications would be!Return on Investment - We have continued to grow each year even during COVID -We have grown 20% every year and have a 88% retention -Birdeye becomes a way of life for the end users and as Birdeye continues to add products it makes it harder to leaveOther Software Used - Uberall, Zapier, Apple Keynote