How to Market Customer Reviews to Boost Your Business

Dhiraj Nallapaneni

4 min read Last Updated Feb 2, 2020

customer reviews - marketing

Customer reviews are becoming more important than ever. More than 92% of customers refer to online reviews before deciding on a business or a product. It’s also evident that customer reviews are important from an SEO point of view, which also helps build trust in your business. However, if you’re not marketing your customer reviews online, you’re not maximizing their marketing potential.

Here are 5 ways marketing customer reviews helps improve your business:

  • Gets social media shares
  • Gets SEO benefit
  • Customer reviews build trust
  • Highlights customer service
  • Bolster social media engagement

1) Gets social media shares:

customer reviews - social media shares

Most customer reviews contain details about the buying experience and opinion of the brand. This is what makes customer reviews ideal for marketing. They help you spread the word and can help guide potential customers to your offerings. The best way to get the most out of customer reviews is to share them on your social media pages and your website.

2) Gets SEO benefit:

google customer reviews

The higher you rank on search engines, the more potential customers will find you when they are searching for your services. Google’s search engine algorithm considers more than 200 factors before deciding the rank of a webpage or business listing. Among these 200 factors are user-generated content and online Google customer reviews.

These two things account for approximately 13% of all search engine ranking factors. By sharing positive reviews on your website and social media pages, you’re boosting your visibility for the algorithm. Moreover, if you have a dedicated blog where you share your best reviews, you are giving Google another page to boost your rank, which is loaded with user-generated content and designed improve your search visibility.

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3) Customer reviews build trust:

No matter how much money you pump into marketing your services or products, your potential customers might still be hesitant to believe your claims. However, if your existing customers leave reviews, your prospective customers will have an authentic representation of your business’ credibility. This is why you should showcase your customer reviews across the web — share them to your social channels and display them on your company website so wherever customers are researching you, they can also access first-hand experiences that they trust.

4) Highlights Customer Service:

If you are encouraging your customers to review you on review websites, the chances are there will be negative customer reviews as well. As some unsatisfied customers may choose to voice their negative experiences, you need to be ready. Rather than panicking, if you address the customer’s concern appropriately and promptly, you’re displaying your customer service prowess.

If done correctly, your customer may even change their review to a positive one. People are also more likely to trust a business that makes the effort to provide good customer support and have good customer service reviews. It’s a great practice to also share the negative reviews that you have been responsive to. Customer reviews where you have been able to convince a customer to change a negative review to a positive one shows potential customers the excellent standard of service they can expect from you.

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5) Bolster social media engagement:

customer service reviews

It’s important to build a relationship with customers by interacting with them on social media. It encourages people to choose you over your competition because people want to do business with people they know and trust. To boost engagement, you can also post interesting content on your social media page.

However, sharing your best reviews as social media posts is one of the best marketing strategies. Once your potential customers see that you value feedback, they’ll feel comfortable connecting with you to discuss their queries. This will help you a great deal in building a positive relationship with your clients.

Company reviews by customers – As showcasing your customer reviews build trust, make sure you make the most of promoting your excellent customer service. Especially as it will help you get better search engine placement for your products and services. BirdEye’s powerful online reputation management solution helps you get more reviews from your customers, and also allows you to market positive reviews to get more customers.