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Aanchal Narad

4 min read Last Updated Dec 17, 2019

Get customer reviews – All of your online marketing efforts strive to push customers in the same direction: your website. Even if they are extremely successful in doing so, getting a customer to visit your site isn’t the same as actually making a sale. If you want to get more customer reviews, this post is just for you.

Get customer reviews

So how do you turn traffic into transactions?

One super effective way to boost your conversion rate (number of site visitors who become customers) is by promoting customer reviews from third-party sites on your website. Customers are 58% more likely to convert when a company website displays customer testimonials (Bazaarvoice). So let’s say you get about 10-15 visitors to your site every day. Promoting reviews on your website could bring up to 60 new customers through the door each week!

Why is your website such a good place to display reviews? Usually, by the time a customer reaches your website they have a pretty specific idea of what they’re looking to buy, and your business has made it into their final decision stage. Perhaps they’re comparing you against several competitors, or maybe just one. Either way, they’re searching for reliable evidence suggesting your business is superior to the rest.

Statistics and how-to videos are helpful, but chances are your competitors are displaying plenty of those as well. So how can you stand out? Try sprucing up your website with online marketing content written by the most trusted source around: your existing customers.

Authentic customer reviews hold far more influence than any branded content. They are even more powerful when combined with great website content. Anything a company writes about itself is no more than a claim, and customer reviews validate those claims: millennials trust User Generated Content (UGC) like reviews 50% more than other media types (Mashable).

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Not only do reviews build trust, they also promote your value proposition. As you describe your company’s features, customer reviews illustrate the benefits of the features in a relatable context. The most effective marketing messages, after all, are personalized and relatable. Usernames associated with reviews give each review a more authentic feel; whether SteveJones1980 or FlamingFerret4000 posted it, crediting the author reminds readers that the review was written by a real person about a real experience. Is a customer more likely to identify with an experience from a longtime local resident or from an anonymous marketing copywriter?

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Here’s how to make reviews on your website as powerful as possible:

Get customer reviews – Make them easily accessible. A dedicated reviews page on your main navigation bar is great way to grab attention, or place them on pages that customers visit towards the end of their decision-making process, such as “Services & Pricing” or “Membership Options”.

Showcase reviews from a variety of sites. Different customers find different sites more important, so make sure you cover all the bases if possible. Reviews from a wide range of sites also creates a more authentic feel. Customers won’t assume you were just handing out coupons to everyone who reviewed you on Google.

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Do not publish fake reviews. Again, do not publish fake reviews. This includes any reviews written by friends, family, or paid recipients. Chances are, customers will be able to tell the review is a fake and you’ll end up shooting yourself in the foot.

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Regularly update them. This doesn’t have to involve tedious back-end work. You can use a tool like Birdeye’s Review Marketing to create an auto-updated live feed of your best reviews from all sites. While you’re at it, promote reviews on your social media channels and Google ads as well.

Maybe you’re having trouble just getting customers to your site in the first place. In that case, review marketing can kill two birds with one stone. The first bird is site traffic, the second, conversion rate. That’s right, reviews have a huge impact on SEO. Not only are they chock-full of long-tail keywords that customers actually search for; their constantly-refreshed, hyper-relevant content shows search engines that customers are interacting actively with your brand.

If your business has lots of great reviews, don’t stop there. Leverage customer testimonials to the fullest to turn your website into a conversion machine.

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