Facebook remains a dominant platform for businesses to connect with their audience and promote themselves.

When we conducted a survey, an interesting social media statistic was revealed: 87% of people view Facebook as either “pretty important” or “mission-critical” for online interactions. 

This insight is crucial for businesses that capitalize on the most impactful platforms. 

One highly effective strategy to significantly enhance your brand’s visibility and engagement is tagging a business on Facebook.

In this guide, we’ll share step-by-step instructions on how to tag business on Facebook, and why it’s such an important engagement tool to get more organic traffic. 

Understanding Facebook tags

Before you scroll further to learn how to tag your business page, you must understand the logic behind tagging a business on Facebook.

  • Tags on Facebook are a way to mention or link to another user, page, or business in your posts. 
  • Tags create clickable links, directing users to the tagged business’s profile.
  • When used strategically, tags can foster business connections and interactions, driving organic growth.

Why tag a business on Facebook?

Business tagging on Facebook makes your organic content reach beyond your followers. As Facebook’s algorithms keep on changing, it is hard to get the attention or reach you’d received earlier. 

For local businesses especially, running ads is a luxury, so mostly, they rely on Facebook’s organic reach to make their posts reach their audience. 

When you tag your business in a post, it becomes visible not only to your followers but also to the broader audience of the tagged account. This cross-promotion strategy increases visibility, leads to higher engagement, and generates new followers.

How to create a taggable Facebook Business page

Step 1: Log in to your personal Facebook account.

Step 2: Click the “Create” dropdown menu and select “Page.”

Step 3: Choose the “Business or Brand” option and follow the prompts to set up your page.

Step 4: Add relevant business details, profile picture, and cover photo.

Done! Your Facebook Page has been created! 

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How to tag a business on Facebook in 3 steps

Tagging a business on Facebook follows a slightly different script than tagging a person.
Before you can start tagging your business on Facebook, you need to have a dedicated business page. If you still need to set up a page, follow these steps:

Tagging your business in posts

Use your personal or business account to start tagging Facebook pages. However, each has some rules worth noting:

  • Personal account: When logged in to your account, you can only tag your brand in comments, photos, and statuses. You won’t be able to tag photos your business uploads using your personal profile.
  • Facebook business page: If you’re logged in using your Facebook business account, you can add tags to your business photos and all other interactions.

Tagging your business in posts can significantly expand your content’s reach. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Click on the “What’s on your mind” box. Create a new post or edit an existing one. 

Step 2: Begin typing “@” followed by your business name. A drop-down menu will appear with suggestions.

Step 3: Select the business you want to tag from the dropdown menu. The business’s name will turn into a clickable link.

Check this GIF below to tag a business in 7 seconds! 

Steps on how to tag a business within a Facebook post via desktop.

Tagging a Business in comments

Can you tag a business on Facebook in the comments? Yes! You can also tag your business in the comments to engage with other users’ posts. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Type “@” and start typing your business name.

Step 2: Select your business from the suggestions that appear.

Tagging other businesses on Facebook collaboratively

Collaborative tagging can expand your reach even further. Here’s how to tag other businesses:

Step 1: Create a post or find an existing one.

Step 2: Tag another business by typing “@” and their name.

The tagged business will receive a notification and can engage with your post.

How do you tag a business on Facebook via mobile?

When asking how do I tag my business page on Facebook through your mobile phone, here are helpful steps you should follow.

  • Step 1: Go to your Facebook app on your phone 
  • Step 2: Tap on the “What’s on your mind?” section. Create a post. 
Steps on how to tag a business on the Facebook mobile app.
  • Step 3: Once you’ve created the post, tag a business on Facebook. Type the “@” symbol and the name of the business you’d like to tag. 
  • Remember, some business entities by the same name may exist in other regions. You don’t want to tag ABC Company in Utah if you’re trying to tag ABC Company in Illinois. 
  • Step 4: Tap the page’s name once you have confirmed the business. The page name will likely appear in bold wording. 
  • Step 5: Post your status – Navigate to the top right of the screen and click the Post button. 

Your post will now tag the Facebook page. 

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Benefits of tagging a business on Facebook

In general, tagging a business on Facebook:

  • Boosts visibility to a wider audience for both the brand and the tagger
  • Encourages more online engagement and interactions. 

Here are some other advantages of Facebook tagging a business. 

Recent Facebook statistics and demographics breakdown.

In general, tagging a business on Facebook provides a boost in visibility to a wider audience for both the brand and the tagger. It also encourages more online engagement and interactions. Here are some other advantages of Facebook tagging a business. 

Drive more traffic to your business page

Tagging a brand increases exposure leading to more traffic because tags typically provide direct links to the company’s Facebook business Page

  • Once new visitors arrive, marketers can work to hopefully inspire new buyers. 
  • This boost in traffic naturally drives new inquiries via Facebook Messenger, giving you a golden opportunity to interact 1-on-1 and turn leads into customers.

Direct people who are already interested in your business

Business owners can also tag their businesses within replies to Facebook posts, routing prospects to their Facebook business Page. 

For example, you might respond to a question from a Facebook group about local HVAC providers by tagging your own HVAC business in your reply. 

The link to your business profile makes it easy for others to click and learn more about your services. But you can also provide other details with your tag, like services offered, hours, or instructions for appointment setting. 

Discover new followers

As traffic to your Facebook business Page increases, so will your follower growth rate. The more followers your company has, the more people trust that you are a credible business and are likely to interact with your Facebook posts. 

The snowball effect continues because more interactions translate to more leads and sales.

Additionally, having an ever-growing following on Facebook makes your company appear popular. This will likely attract more followers and prospects to check out your brand and offerings.

social media guide

Generate more Facebook reviews

Generating massive traffic to Facebook pages is an easy way to generate more reviews. The more rave reviews your brand receives, the higher your conversion rates.

Show up on the business page

Once you tag a Facebook page in your post, your content appears on their page too. Tagging a business page helps associate your content with that specific Facebook user, creating a direct link between your post and the tagged page. 

Anyone visiting the tagged page can see your post among the content.  

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Tagging on Facebook and indirect signals

When you tag people or a business account, you are indirectly sending the following signals:

  • Expand your brand’s horizons Sharing content beyond self-promotion helps position you as a thought leader in your industry. This can make your brand the first choice for potential customers needing the services and products you offer.
  • You are helpful to customers Addressing customer questions and sharing relevant information means you are willing to help your customers overcome common obstacles. This consistent reliability can be used as a magnet to attract and retain followers to your business page.
  • You are trustworthy – Having your business tagged on Facebook signals to users that you are trustworthy and could encourage others to follow and interact with your brand. Social media provides a place to connect with peers and build relationships that can translate to powerful referrals.
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Photo tags: How do they work?

Steps on how to tag a business on a photo on Facebook.

Tagging a photo is fairly straightforward, whether tagging your business or personal photos. Here’s how photo tags work:

  1. Find and select the image you want to tag.
  2. Toward the top, you will find and click on the “Tag Photo” button.
  3. Type the company name in the provided field.
  4. Remember, you don’t have to use the “@” symbol when tagging photos.
  5. Select the correct business page from a selection of potential matches that will appear on the drop-down menu.
  6. Click “Done Tagging” to officially post the tag.
Fortnite Facebook post with Nike tagged in the post to promote a recent collaboration.
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Best practices for effective business tagging on Facebook

Regular tagging as part of an ongoing strategy increases your reach. However, it’s important to balance frequency to avoid overwhelming your audience or appearing overly promotional. 

When tagging, always ensure relevance to the content or context. 

Follow these tips to craft a Facebook tagging strategy that’s both effective and impactful for your business.

Only tag businesses when they don’t mind

To build meaningful connections and avoid being perceived as spam: 

  • Tag other businesses only when it’s directly related to your post.
  • Inform them in advance that you’ll be tagging them to ensure it’s welcomed.
  • If you use the check-in feature on Facebook, remember to give them a heads-up about that as well. 

Using relevant tags

  • Ensure that the tags you use are relevant to the content and context. 
  • Irrelevant tagging can be spammy and may lead to a negative perception.

Tagging influencers and partners

  • Collaborate with influencers or business partners by tagging them in your posts. 
  • Foster relationships and expose your content to a wider audience.

Avoiding over-tagging

  • While tagging can be beneficial, over-tagging can dilute your message and irritate your audience. 
  • Use tags judiciously and prioritize quality over quantity.

Now you’re all ready to tag a business on Facebook post! 

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  • AI-powered content creation and curation.
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  • Real-time engagement and response tracking.
  • Advanced analytics for informed strategies.
  • Automated hashtag and image suggestions.
  • Comprehensive engagement toolkit.

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FAQs about how to tag a business on Facebook

How do you tag a business in a Facebook post?

To tag a business in a Facebook post, log into your Facebook account, draft the content, and @ mention and select the business page you wish to tag within the post.

Why can’t I tag a business in a Facebook post?

If you can’t tag a business in a Facebook post, you might have missed a step in the tagging process, entered the business name wrong, or forgot to finalize the posting step. Also, some businesses have restrictions about others tagging them, which might lead to your tagging trouble.

Can you tag a business from your Facebook page?

Yes, you can tag a business from your Facebook page by @ mentioning them in your status updates, replies, and comments. It’s a good idea to only tag businesses with overlapping audiences and groups.

How do I manage tags if my business is tagged in a Facebook post?

To manage tags, go to your business’s Facebook Page settings. Under ‘Timeline and Tagging Settings’, you can find options to review tags before they appear on your Page. This allows you to control which tagged posts are visible on your Page. 

How can tagging a business on Facebook improve my post’s visibility?

Tagging a business on Facebook can increase post visibility by exposing it to a wider audience. When you tag a business, your post may appear on the tagged page’s timeline, making it visible to followers of that page. This can lead to increased engagement, shares, and reach. 

Are there any restrictions on tagging businesses on Facebook?

Facebook has guidelines for tagging businesses. You can’t tag a Page in a post if the Page has restricted this in its settings. Over-tagging or irrelevant tagging might be seen as spammy behavior and could lead to restrictions on your account. 

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