Word-of-mouth marketing is one of the best ways to market your products and services. Right from what consumers say about your brand on review websites to what they write about it on social media, their comments affect your brand’s perception. To win more customers, you should not only get more online reviews but also focus on integrating them with your social media strategy to spread the word.

Here are 5 tips to help you easily integrate your customer reviews into your social media strategy:

1) Monitor reviews

Most customers rate products and services on platforms that they already use, like Facebook and Google. Some of your customers may even write about their experience on lesser-known websites. If you’re just checking Facebook and Google, you may not be aware of reviews that your customers have written on other review websites.

To make sure this doesn’t happen, research and identify all websites where your customers are reviewing your products and services. Monitor these sources on a regular basis and share the best reviews on your social media pages to build a solid online reputation for your brand. However, if you believe that you won’t have time to monitor all review websites manually, consider signing up for Birdeye, an online reputation management solution which lets you monitor reviews from multiple sources on a single dashboard.

2) Respond quickly

Monitoring reviews is just the beginning. Once you are aware of all your reviews, the next step is the response. Responding to positive and negative reviews adds overall credibility to your brand.

A single negative review can ruin all the good work that you’ve done over the past few weeks and dent the importance of dozens of positive reviews. Make sure you respond to it promptly and appropriately. Doing this, you’re spreading the word that your business values customer feedback, is ready for criticism, and is committed to providing a  better user experience.

3) Share positive and negative reviews

Today, ‘word-of-the-mouth’ marketing is largely dependent on user reviews, you can make the most of them simply by sharing your good reviews on your Facebook timeline and Twitter feed.

This helps expose your brand to a new audience that reads reviews before choosing a business. This helps you get more prospects by improving your business’ engagement on social media.

Apart from positive reviews, you should also share negative reviews that you have received in the past. Pick up those reviews where you have resolved your customer’s complaint. These reviews add credibility to your brand.

4) Keep an eye on your competition

social media strategy - track your competition

It ’s crucial that you track what your competition is doing on social media channels. Keep an eye on the following:

  • The type of content they’re sharing
  • Engagement on their posts
  • Comments made by their users
  • Reviews they’ve received

These data points will help you get a better understanding of areas where your competition isn’t doing as well as you.

Once you have identified these areas, focus on sharing your positive reviews that highlight your services.

5) Track engagement on shared reviews

Track all the engagement, which includes likes, shares, and comments on social media reviews. This will help you identify the type of posts that are working and those that aren’t. These details will also help you better understand your audience’s preferences, which is nothing less than gold dust for your business.

How can Birdeye help your social media strategy?

Birdeye’s robust online reputation management solution cuts the clutter for you, enabling you to monitor reviews from multiple sources, share the best reviews on your social media pages, keep track of your competition, and even schedule media posts days for maximum engagement on your pages. Sign up for a free Birdeye trial to boost your brand’s online reputation.