During our inaugural digital experience conference, Birdeye View, we proudly unveiled a pivotal addition to the Birdeye platform: BirdAI. This announcement is not just a game-changer — it’s an innovative leap forward that brings the power of generative AI to multi-location businesses. We can’t wait for you to experience it firsthand!

For a detailed overview of our announcement, read the full press release.

How BirdAI transforms the Birdeye platform

BirdAI is the culmination of a decade-long commitment to innovation and progress. This is more than a platform upgrade — it’s a step forward that sets a new standard in managing reputation and digital customer experiences.

The release includes over a dozen exciting new features that enable you to: 

Generate content and copy

Enhance messaging

Analyze customer data

  • Effortlessly process large sets of data and extract customer sentiment from reviews and surveys. 
  • Generate summaries of lengthy conversations to quickly zero in on the context you need to improve the customer experience. 

Recommend next steps

  • BirdAI will suggest content ideas and recommend next best actions to ensure you deliver personalized, scalable experiences.

Why BirdAI is the best tool for multi-location businesses

BirdAI will change the way you connect with customers and run your business — you won’t find a better tool on the market! Here’s what sets BirdAI apart:

  • AI Everywhere: BirdAI isn’t just surface level. It integrates AI capabilities throughout the entire Birdeye platform so you can improve customer interactions at every touchpoint. 
  • Secure: Birdeye prioritizes data security and privacy — your customer data is never used or shared to train third-party models. And our enterprise-grade security and compliance ensure that you can scale with ease. 
  • Best-in-Breed: Powered by multiple AI models, BirdAI offers users precisely the right tool for every challenge. Plus, its modular structure allows for upgrades as new and improved AI technologies emerge.
  • Contextualized: BirdAI is finely tuned to the nuances of specific use cases and delivers an unmatched level of personalization to every customer interaction. 
  • Human-Controlled AI: Automation lies at the heart of Birdeye’s approach, but BirdAI places the user firmly in control.

The future is now

In an age where customer experience determines brand loyalty, BirdAI propels businesses ahead of the curve by offering the most customer engagement tools. 

As the world becomes more digitized and customer expectations continue to evolve, we are here to ensure that businesses not only meet these expectations but exceed them. We invite you to join us in redefining what it means to connect with customers by embracing BirdAI and all that it has to offer.