Onboarding a customer isn’t a lottery won; keeping them satisfied is. A satisfied customer writes you positive reviews, generates repeat purchases, and a scope of referral, which helps you build authority in front of other potential customers. 

Multi-location businesses receive unprecedented customer feedback through social media, surveys, and online reviews. While it is a golden opportunity to gain valuable insights, this influx of data can be overwhelming. 

Manually analyzing this feedback can be time-consuming and prone to human biases. This is where AI helps. 

This is the only blog you need to read to know how AI-driven customer feedback insights can increase the reputation of your business. 

How is AI used in customer feedback analysis?

Customer feedback analysis examines the comments, reviews, and opinions customers share about a product, service, or experience. It involves extracting valuable insights from this feedback to understand customer sentiments, preferences, and areas for improvement.

Imagine you own a small restaurant and encourage your customers to leave reviews on your Google Business Profile or social media pages. One day, a customer writes, “The food was delicious, but the service was slow.”

That’s AI in social media management working in the background.

This is a interface of Birdeye Insights.  AI for actionable insights from customer feedback can increase the reputation of your business.

Customer feedback analysis in this context would involve:

Identifying sentiment: You would use tools (Like Birdeye Insights) to determine that the customer had a positive sentiment about the food as “delicious” but a negative sentiment about the service as “slow”.

Categorizing feedback: You would categorize this feedback into different aspects, such as “quality” and “service speed.”

Actionable insight: The analysis would reveal that while the food quality is excellent, there is room for improvement in service speed.

Decision-making: Based on this insight, you might train your staff to improve service speed, improving the overall customer experience.

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How do AI-driven customer feedback insights help you get actionable pointers? 

Obtaining actionable insights from customer feedback is valuable for businesses but comes with challenges. But AI empowers businesses to make data-driven decisions, enhance customer satisfaction, and stay competitive to meet evolving customer needs. 

Here are a few ways AI-driven customer feedback insights help you get actionable insights:

  1. Know your customers’ changing behaviors, tastes, preferences, and purchasing habits. 
  2. Each location may have different strengths; know what those are and improve the customer experience. 
  3. Having consistent, consumable, and organized data to remove analysis friction. 
  4. Knowing your competitor’s customers more than them to have a competitive edge. 
  5. Rely on data-backed insights to make informed decisions instead of guesswork or gut. 
  6. Effortless customer feedback summarization to grasp the key points and take swift action.

Get Key Insights About Your Customers Behaviors

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How does Birdeye use AI-driven customer feedback insights?

Human-controlled AI solutions can ensure you maintain a high standard by monitoring what matters and empowering your team to have more time to act on customer feedback. 

And one of them is BirdAI. BirdAI is the AI and NLP engine that powers the Birdeye platform and offers businesses all the AI tools needed to attract, convert, and delight customers.

This is a interface of Birdeye Insights.  AI for actionable insights from customer feedback can increase the reputation of your business.

Do more with Birdeye Insights by: 

1 – Quickly getting insights from your customer feedback surveys

It condenses lengthy feedback into concise summaries. A click of a button transforms a lengthy paragraph into a brief, highlighting specific strengths and weaknesses helping with quick decision-making.

2 – Get summaries for survey responses or each question

Identify key trends and focus on key takeaways without sifting through large volumes of raw data. This clarity ensures that important insights are not buried in the details.

This helps if customers rate a product positively, but there are a few highly negative reviews; those outliers can be flagged for further investigation. 

This is a interface of Birdeye Insights.  AI for actionable insights from customer feedback can increase the reputation of your business.

3 – Spend less time analyzing and more time actioning customer feedback

With summarized data, businesses can develop customized action plans based on specific survey questions or areas of concern. This makes sharing with various stakeholders, such as executives, product teams, or customer support, easier. 

This targeted approach allows for more effective problem-solving, better resource allocation, and improved strategies. 

These help businesses use these insights to implement changes, gather new feedback, and iterate on their offerings.

This is a interface of Birdeye Insights.  AI for actionable insights from customer feedback can increase the reputation of your business.

How have businesses improved after implementing AI-driven customer feedback insights? 

You can get granular feedback on how to understand your performance better and know what is working and what needs improvement. 

AI is the cornerstone in feedback implementation because, unlike manual intervention, where it might get chaotic, overwhelming, or difficult to predict the data properly, AI handles the work well and automates everything based on your specific commands. 

Here are a few ways businesses used Birdeye’s AI for actionable insights from customer feedback to improve their customer experience: 

Sentiment analysis to understand the pulse

AI-driven sentiment analysis assesses the emotional tone of customer feedback, classifying it as positive, negative, or neutral. 

During the COVID-19 lockdown, one of the recurring feedbacks of David’s Bridal was that their customers expressed concern over picking up their items from the store due to health and hygiene issues. 

David’s Bridal acted on this feedback and arranged for curbside pickups. This made lives easier for their customers.

Customer feedback analysis

AI scrutinizes vast volumes of customer feedback, extracting meaningful insights. For example, it can process hundreds of product reviews and highlight recurring issues. This helps you focus on resolving common complaints.

Another great example of how David’s Bridal listened to their customer’s feedback and analyzed it was during lockdown again; getting regular appointments was difficult, and customers asked if they could arrange an alternative.

They acted on the customers’ feedback and arranged virtual appointments. It was so successful that they now have the service going, which makes them stand out for being a trend-maker in their industry.

This is a interface of Birdeye Insights.  AI for actionable insights from customer feedback can increase the reputation of your business.
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If multiple customers mention difficulties navigating a website, AI recognizes this trend, signaling the need for business improvements.

When COVID-19 hit the world, the hospitality industry had to amend many regulations.

Palmetto Dunes used Insights, and based on feedback they received, they trained their staff on safety and cleanliness rules. They tracked week-over-week, identifying trends in improving their customer experience. 

Instead of sitting for reviews, they acted on them for each location. 

The snippets of information they received also helped them to understand what words their customers use to describe them, which they smartly used in their marketing to promote and relate with potential customers. 

FAQs on AI-driven customer feedback insights

How to use AI to analyze customer feedback?

Use AI to analyze customer feedback by:
Gather customer feedback from surveys, reviews, and social media.
Clean and prepare the data for analysis, including removing duplicates and irrelevant information.
Use AI to identify common themes or topics within the feedback.
Predict trends based on repetitive feedback, recurring themes, and customers’ behaviors.

How do you get actionable insights from customer feedback?

To derive actionable insights from customer feedback:
Segment each feedback to identify specific issues or preferences.
Convert every feedback into action items.
Compare your performance.
Monitor their impact.

Act efficiently on customer feedback with BirdAI

Such AI-driven insights can guide product development, helping you learn what your customers love and suggest ideas on where they think your business needs to improve, all backed by data. 

Trust your gut; make decisions based on data only. 

Contact us to learn more about how BirdAI can help you improve experiences with customer feedback.