Top 7 customer review sites in 2022

Dhiraj Nallapaneni

5 min read Last Updated Oct 21, 2021

customer review sites

Your customers care about your reviews. Studies show that 92% of customers consult customer reviews before making a purchase decision. There are hundreds of review sites all over the Internet. Here is a list of the top 7 customer review sites to enhance your online reputation in 2022.

  • Google

Right now, Google is king of the review ecosystem. We found that in 2018, more reviews were posted on Google than were posted on every other review site combined. After all, Google reviews have more visibility than reviews posted anywhere else. Anytime a customer does a search for your business, Google reviews are one of the first things that they see. 

If you want your business to stay ahead of the competition, claim your Google My Business profile. Claiming this profile will make your business easier to find for your customers. 

  • Facebook

Chances are that you’re a Facebook user. After all, the site does have 2.41 billion monthly active users. Of course, social media isn’t the only place where Facebook is a winner. While Google stands above the competition, Facebook is the second biggest review site. 

Facebook is unique amongst review sites because it doesn’t use the typical 5-star rating system. In 2018, the site switched from the typical 5-star review rating system to a binary system. Nowadays, customers only have two options: Recommend or Don’t Recommend. 

  • Yelp

Some of you might be surprised that Yelp isn’t at the top of the list. That probably would have been different a few years ago. While Yelp was once the biggest review site on the Internet, it’s since been surpassed by both Google and Facebook. 

Yelp is no longer the review powerhouse that it once was. The website has been racked with controversy in recent years including a documentary on allegedly unfair practices by the company. Many business owners and customers are choosing to focus on Google and Facebook instead. 

  • Yellow Pages

While some people might be throwing away their physical Yellow Pages books, there is one place where the concept is alive and well: Just like Facebook and Google, businesses of all stripes have listings on Yellow Pages. 

It’s estimated that Yellow Pages attracts around 13 million visitors every month. While Yellow Pages might not have the same monthly user count of Facebook and Google, every review site is important. You never know where a prospective customer could discover your business. 

  • Birdeye

Chances are that your business has a free Birdeye builds custom profiles of businesses based on information available on places like Google and Facebook. 

Birdeye aggregates reviews from hundreds of review sites from all over the Internet, so that you can see reviews from all over the Internet on your Birdeye profile. If enough review signals are picked up on Google’s algorithm, you can see these Birdeye profiles rank high in search results. 

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  • Porch

Porch is a local home services website that helps homeowners with projects, maintenance, and repairs by connecting them with quality professionals. Customers can reach out to you directly after reviewing your profile.

  • Foursquare

Last but not least, Foursquare, the app founded way back in 2009. Nowadays, Foursquare is an app that allows customers to check-in to local businesses and leave reviews. 

Again, while Foursquare might not have the same usage as Google and Facebook, the app has a sizable audience. Foursquare had more than 50 million monthly active users by the end of 2018. 

Why collect reviews?

Every one of these customer review sites (with the exception of Yelp) encourages businesses to collect reviews from customers. If you let customers leave reviews on their own time, chances are that your reviews will skew towards the negative. Collecting reviews helps you to collect more balanced feedback and gives customers a more accurate perception of your business. 

So here’s the secret to collecting reviews on sites like Google and Facebook: Just asking. By sending a text or email request to your customers that links to your profile on different review sites, you can make the process quick and easy. All the customer has to do is click and leave a review. 

Consider automation

If you’re a business owner looking to get reviews across the Internet, you should consider using a review software like Birdeye. Here’s how a review software can help your business. 

Send review requests automatically 

With Birdeye, you don’t need to send review requests manually. Our platform will take care of it for you. Birdeye sends review requests to your customers automatically via text and email with your select customer review sites as options.

All that we need is an integration to the software that you’re already using. Birdeye currently integrates with more than 1000 business systems. 

Monitor and respond to reviews across the internet 

There are hundreds of review sites on the Internet. You don’t have to switch between your different profiles on different review sites. With Birdeye, you can see all of your business reviews in one place. 

You can even respond to different customer reviews within the Birdeye dashboard. When you post your response, the review will appear on the site where it originally appeared. 

Share reviews on social media 

Your reviews don’t have to stay on the site where it was originally posted. Since reviews work as authentic social proof make sure they have as big of a reach as possible. Post them on Facebook so that they’re visible to all of your followers. 

With Birdeye, sharing your reviews on social media is simple and easy. Birdeye allows you to automatically share your 5-star reviews so that you’re displaying social proof for the world to see.  Make sure all your followers are getting exposed to the opinions of your happy customers. 

Collect more reviews with Birdeye

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