What Does Birdeye Cost?

Ruchika Batra

4 min read Last Updated Dec 22, 2021

What does Birdeye cost?

Birdeye’s cost is calculated based on several different factors. Factors include the size of your business, the number of products subscribed to, and your subscription to value-added services.

In this article, we will talk about Birdeye pricing and how it is calculated. But before we go there, let’s talk about the various factors that affect the pricing of Birdeye subscription.

Factors impacting Birdeye pricing

Number of products subscribed 

Birdeye is a complete experience marketing platform. It allows you to collect feedback from customers and track customer feedback all the way to resolution. In short, it allows you to close the loop with customers and improve customer experience. 

Birdeye offers a range of products to help manage customer experience. However, all the products need not be subscribed at one go. Businesses can choose to start with a product they need most and subscribe to more as their need increases. Quite naturally, the pricing will be dependent on the number of products subscribed. Scroll down to see Birdeye’s current product line up. 

Subscription to Value-added services

Birdeye also offers value-added services like Google Seller Ratings that help businesses stretch their advertising dollars on paid search.

Number of Locations

Pricing is also determined by the number of locations that the business is bringing on board. Of course, all the locations have access to all the products subscribed to by the business.

Payment Terms 

Birdeye offers annual contracts. Businesses have the flexibility to pay upfront or pay month to month. Though we have seen that annual upfront payment does work out better for businesses. 

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Current list of Birdeye products

Here is a broad list of products that Birdeye offers to its customers. 

Reviews – Helps businesses generate more reviews, monitor, manage and respond to them in one place. Businesses can also amplify the impact of their reviews by promoting them on their website and social media from the platform.

Listings – The directory listings management tool allows businesses to fix and synchronize their business information on 50+ listing sites. This helps businesses get more customers and improve search rankings.

Webchat – Install a website chat tool on your website and make your website ‘Textable’. Get queries from your website visitors, quickly address them and convert them into customers.

Social – This module includes – 

  • Social Listening – allows you to monitor what anyone is saying about you or your industry online and use it as business insights 
  • Social Posting – allows you to create, publish or schedule your social media posts months in advance
  • Social Engagement – allows you to monitor, respond and engage your followers on your social channels – all in one place!

Surveys – Create customer or employee surveys and deploy them conveniently. You can view survey results in the Birdeye dashboard. Respond to the respondents from the dashboard and resolve issues quickly.

Ticketing – create actionable tickets from reviews, survey responses, and social mentions. Assign them to relevant people within the organization for effective resolution and improve customer experience and build loyalty.

Insights – Turn customer feedback into actionable insights. Birdeyes Natural Language Processing algorithm, Athena, breaks down customer reviews into intelligent actionable insights. It helps businesses make data-driven decisions as well as monitor the impact of their decisions over time. 

Benchmarking Benchmarking allows you to monitor all your competitor’s reviews and compare their performance with your own. Identify strengths and opportunities based on competitive data.

So how much does Birdeye cost?

All of the above factors determine your pricing. Our pricing is very transparent. What is nice about the pricing is that it is suited to provide value to small and medium businesses as well as larger enterprises. 

You can use this convenient pricing calculator to calculate what you could be paying to subscribe to Birdeye – “Pricing Calculator”

Originally published Nov 27, 2019 2:21 PM, updated Dec 22, 2021

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