Most of your existing customers and prospects are already on social media, reading content related to different industries, finding businesses near them and even sharing their experience. If your business isn’t making the most of this audience, you’re losing out on a lot of potential customers. Although there are several ways you can spread the word about your business, social media marketing enables you to target the right audience who’re more likely to do business with you. If you’re still thinking whether you should have a social media marketing strategy or not, these six reasons should convince you.

Social networking websites have enough room to grow

If you believe that it’s already too late for you to start marketing your business on social media, think again. Research shows that social media websites have enough room to grow as people in the age group of 45-65 years are still starting their social media journey.  Additionally, social networking websites are regularly evolving with new features being constantly added.

Reviews on social media websites influence buying decisions

Your existing customers may already be writing about your business or reviewing it on websites such as Google and Facebook. These user reviews have immense convincing power as prospective customers value them just as much as recommendations made by their family and friends. On top of this, you can even share, and market reviews written by your existing customers on social media. This further exposes your business to a new audience, improving your chances of getting new customers.

Social media facilitates instant feedback from prospects

social media marketing strategy - instant feedback

The beauty of social media marketing is that it helps business owners get real-time feedback from prospective customers. If you’ve created a new marketing campaign on social media, you can refer to the engagement metrics and study feedback from prospective customers. If it isn’t performing to your expectations, you can immediately change the tone of the campaign or better your services to attract new customers. This real-time feedback enables you to get the best out of your marketing dollars.

User-generated content on social media improves your SEO rank

For search engines such as Google, social media engagement and user reviews are important ranking signals. The more followers you have on social media sites, such as Facebook, the better your website’s ranking on Google will be. This improved search engine rank will bring more traffic to your website, helping you get more calls and more customers. You can also share blog posts on social media pages to drive even more visitors to your website.

Social media can help you get an edge over your competition

social media marketing strategy - get an edge over competition

Although most of your competitors may already be using social media, not many would have a defined social media marketing strategy. This is where you can get an edge over them and get more customers by aggressively marketing your business on websites such as Facebook and Twitter. Keep track of your competitors and analyze engagement metrics, such as post likes, shares and comments, they receive. With this, you can get a clear understanding of their audience and pitch your services in a way to get more traction.

Social media can help boost your brand image

In today’s world, brands are built on social media. If you have a decent number of followers, good engagement on your posts, and many positive reviews, your audience will perceive you as a trusted business. This positive reputation is critical because it convinces potential customers to choose you, and not your competition. Additionally, if you’ve been proactively resolving concerns for your prospects on social media websites, you’re pushing your brand reputation to an even higher level, which will translate into more customers and revenue.

Although a social media marketing strategy may not result in an exponential growth in the number of customers you serve, it will help improve your online reputation and expose your business to a newer audience who, with time, may give you a visit whenever they’re in need.

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