A calendar can drive your social media posting schedule

Your business’ social media presence allows you to connect with customers and prospective clients. However, your success can depend upon the kind of content you publish and the frequency with which you share that content. If you’re publishing too much content, your audience may find it a little too intrusive. However, if you’re not publishing content regularly, they’re likely to unfollow you, and look for alternatives. Creating a social media posting schedule can allow you to maintain a balance between being active on social media and spamming people.

Here are five reasons why you should create a content calendar and schedule your social media posts well in advance:


1) It saves time.

The idea behind maintaining an active social media presence is for your business to attract customers. Obviously, the more successful your social media strategy, the more customers you can reach. However, as your following grows, you’ll have less time for each individual customer. This is when it becomes essential to maintain a content calendar. By planning your social media posts in advance, you can put more focus on customer service. You can use a social media scheduling platform, such as BirdEye, to schedule all your posts so that they publish automatically at the time and date you set.


2) Active social media pages

On social media, your followers expect you to regularly share updates, along with relevant and interesting content. If you fail to do so, they may unfollow you. Maintaining a content calendar can keep your social media posting schedule consistent. Ensuring that your followers are regularly updated with interesting and engaging content helps keep you connected with them. As an added benefit, having a content calendar with scheduled posts means that your profiles stay active, even when you’re unable to update your content.


3) Be more efficient

One of the biggest benefits of maintaining a social media posting schedule is that you can plan your posts days, weeks, and even months in advance. Creating a content calendar when you have some spare time lets you plan ahead and be more efficient. That way, you’ll be in a better position when you decide what content you want to share with your audience and when. Since you won’t be in a rush, you can expect better engagement on planned content.


4) Tracking your strategy

The danger of rushing into publishing your social media posts is that you may end up posting articles or content that are not in sync with your social media strategy. This can be damaging for your brand in the long run. However, a simple content calendar can help you plan your social media posting schedule, so you’ll have more time to ensure that the content is in step with your brand. Keeping track of your digital marketing strategy in this way delivers better results for your business.


5) Maintain specific posting times

If you do some research, you’ll find the best times for posting on social media channels. Unfortunately, you may not be able to set aside that time everyday to post. With a content calendar and management system in place, you’ll have your posts automatically scheduled to go live at the precise time you want. This can help posts attract the maximum amount of attention, which leads to the best results for your business.


How can BirdEye help:

BirdEye’s comprehensive online reputation management solution comes with numerous social media management features that allow you to maintain your social media posting schedule. All you have to do is  create a content calendar, and your scheduled posts will go live at the time and date you decide. With this feature, you easily can schedule your social media posts days, weeks, or even months in advance. BirdEye will automatically publish them on dates and times that you’ve set, leaving you free to focus on your business. Sign up for a free BirdEye trial to save time on your social media posting schedule, and make the most of your social media presence.

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