How to advertise your business the right way

Aanchal Narad

2 min read Last Updated Apr 11, 2019

The numbers are in, and it turns out traditional advertisements aren’t the best way to get new customers. So the question- How to advertise your business in the best way possible -holds precedence. Recent research from the CMO Council and Dow Jones revealed what annoys customers most about brand marketing. Topping the list is misleading or negative advertising. But numerous other factors cause ads to steer customers away rather than draw them in.

What things bother you the most about the way brands are marketed?

When it comes to digital advertising, pop-up ads and auto-playing video ads tick customers off the most.

What format or type of brand advertising in digital media channels bothers you the most?

Most customers consider an advertising experience to be negative when it’s obnoxious/intrusive, discriminatory/hateful, and irritating/annoying.

What would you consider to be a negative advertising experience?

Two-thirds of customers say that after a negative advertising experience, they would think differently about a brand or decide not to do business with a brand.

Would having a negative advertising experience make you think differently about the brand? Would you choose to NOT do business with that brand?

*This report is based on data from more than 2000 consumers in North America and the United Kingdom.

How to advertise your business to the modern customer?

Online reviews provide useful information about a business’s products and services without any of the negative aspects of advertising. Customers know they aren’t being lied to or manipulated because online reviews are written by unbiased sources with no ulterior motive; they are simply real people sharing their personal experiences.

The best way to promote your brand? Collect reviews from your customers on a variety of sites, and share great testimonials everywhere you can: on your company website, social channels, and anywhere your business is listed online.

It’s simple: make your customers happy, and they do your marketing for you; in today’s hyperconnected world, the most powerful brand advocates are your own customers. BirdEye makes customer-driven marketing easy by not only getting you new authentic customer reviews, but also providing tools to manage and market them, all in one place.