Why Customers Love Birdeye in Their Own Words

Ruchika Batra

11 min read Last Updated Mar 26, 2020

“I love the Birdeye chat feature because it frees up time and phone lines for our team. I also love that it gives patients who have dental anxiety a platform to connect with us without making a phone call and spiking their anxiety.” READ more

Katie Langenstein, Office Manager

The best way to learn about Birdeye is to “hear” what our customers are saying about us. Please scroll to see what they are saying, or click to jump to a specific industry.

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“Birdeye gives our company instant credibility and it allows us to easily amass lots of reviews, which is what customers are looking at online. We have realized an increase in customers contacting us directly from online, which gets our foot in the door. It also instantly increases trust with customers, which is invaluable.” Read more

Aaron Novello, Team Leader

“Birdeye is a great product and company. They are always looking to expand and iterate on their platform (a vital thing in today’s world). The support we get is incredible” Read more

Taryn Austgen, Marketing and Public Relations Manager


“After being with Birdeye I can see why they are flying high above the competition. They have increased my reviews by more than 100% in less than 10 months and have created brand awareness in my agency that I did not have in the past. It allows my team to have great conversations and capitalize by obtaining great reviews, which then leads to more business in the future.” Read more

Rick Duran, State Farm Insurance Agent

“Birdeye provides an easy, user-friendly review process. I’m certain the only reason I have all these Google reviews is because we’ve provided the Birdeye app to our clients. It certainly has driven more leads and phone calls to our agency.” Read more

Rani Alfers, Owner

“You spend your time turning clients into evangelists, and then Birdeye will give them a platform to evangelize to the masses. It’s a perfect system. Everybody wins.” Read more

W. Travis Patterson, Attorney at Law

“People come in because of reviews. I’ve had 5x more business in 3 years due to Birdeye.” Read more

Raj Patel, Owner


“Patients always tell us how great we are. Now our patients can tell everyone else. Easy to use, set up and Birdeye maintains it.” Read more

Jennifer Salinas, Manager

“Implementing Birdeye has given my patients the opportunities to share their experiences with future patients searching for an oral and maxillofacial surgery practice. New incoming patients consistently reference my reviews in consultations and first meetings. Thanks to Birdeye’s simple platform and integration with our practice management software, reviews have become a major source of patient referrals to my practice second only to our referring dental colleagues.” Read more

Michael B. Salin, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon

“Patients are those who already see you in the office, you are looking to attract people who have never seen or heard about you before. To attract these people to your practice, you have to put your best foot forward and Birdeye allows that.” Read more

Dr. Len Tau, Owner

“Birdeye makes our PPC campaigns more efficient and puts us in a better light when people are just searching and comparing us with other dentists. Being competitive in the market is extremely important as most people will look to reviews from others as they want a real experience.” Read more

Todd Boak, SVP of Marketing and Communications

“My gross was at $700,000 and the next year I’m up at $760,000, then more than $800,000. The only thing I did differently was use Birdeye.” Read more

Dr. Dennis Brender, Owner


Client Logo 1582866769509

“Everyone has a phone, everyone Googles everything. When Google puts you #1, clients are going to come to you. We’re seeing a minimum of 20 new patients a month since we started using Birdeye in September 2019. Birdeye makes us the obvious choice in town now. And all of this with very little effort from staff.”  Read More

Amanda Knight, Supervisor

“Birdeye provides intelligible insights to our teams so they can slice and dice survey and user-submitted review data based on our custom location hierarchy and actively ensure clients continue to bring their pets to THRIVE.” Read More

Benjamin Trotter, VP of Marketing

“I don’t have to go to each individual review platform for all 25 locations — I can do it all from Birdeye. The platform is really getting our presence out there. It definitely gives us a leg-up on the competition.” Read more

Jamey Stegall, Service Excellence Coach at Complete Care

“We have been THRILLED with every aspect of our interaction and dealings with Birdeye. Our office has never been busier and I feel that Birdeye has been a major reason for that. I would strongly recommend Birdeye to any business that is looking to optimize their online presence and grow their business.” Read more

Dr. Stephen Heney, Owner

“Being able to send email and text review requests have allowed us to reach more people. We also have a better eye on all of the reviews that are coming in. This allows us to be more proactive in our responses, especially for those negative reviews. The faster we can reach out to our clients about any concerns, the better.” Read more

René Fielder, Chief Marketing Officer

“We will continue to use Birdeye to fulfill our mission to provide the most outstanding service and efficient healthcare for all our patients.” Read more

Ernest Medina, Vice President of Marketing

“We’ve doubled our monthly new client appointments, all thanks to Webchat. The ability to reach out to each website visitor and answer questions wherever I am, at any time of day is a total game-changer.“ Read more

Jason Hartline, Marketing Consultant

“Birdeye said they would improve my online reputation and they weren’t kidding! I’ve been very happy with the results we’ve seen using Birdeye.” Read more

Carlos Urias, Director of Business Development

“Birdeye has greatly increased the amount of reviews we receive from our patients. Our Google reviews have gone through the roof. We have hundreds of more Google reviews than other eye care practices simply because of Birdeye.” Read more

Dr. Todd Stebel, Owner of Boise Mountain Eyecare


“We love Birdeye for its customizability and ease of use. It’s easier than ever for us to get new customer reviews and monitor them in the dashboard. We couldn’t recommend Birdeye enough.” Read more

Robert Vigil, Production Technology Advocate

“Birdeye is user-friendly enough to integrate into our daily workflows and robust enough to allow me to demonstrate value. Our focus on brand reputation management has helped elevate the profile of our credit union in our market, and we are growing!” Read more

Kristin Romero, VP of Marketing

“The automation of the process really makes things easy. Birdeye helps us easily keep track of our reputation out in the market.” Read more

Andy Dickhut, VP of Marketing

“Birdeye has helped us increase awareness by being found more easily with higher search rankings, and provide validation for people who’ve been referred to us.” Read more

Tim Marti, Marketing Director

Home Services

“Birdeye is the best decision we’ve made in our handyman business! Having the Birdeye Webchat on our website paid for itself 4X in the VERY SAME MONTH.” Read more

Rick Patterson, owner

“We have found Birdeye to be an extremely effective tool. It’s leading to new business and the number of people who say they found us through our reviews is tremendous. They even mention our reps by name.”  Read more

Matt Bruhn, Owner

“As a small business owner, I have a lot of tasks and not enough time, so I mainly use the Birdeye app to send out requests for feedback. It’s extremely helpful and user-friendly and it gave me quick results — I’ve gained a ton of reviews after using it.” Read more

Tim Edwards, Founder

“To put it in perspective, 2 customers can pay for our yearly bill with Birdeye. We’re losing half of a percent in revenue a year because of reviews, all we have to do is get 2 customers to not cancel because of reviews and we’ve already paid for it.” Read more

Dustin Kleeman, Public Relations

“Birdeye is a positive experience for our customers and us and it’s a profitable way to get our positive reputation out to the public. We honestly feel like it’s grown the business.” Read more

Kathlyn Smith, Owner

“Birdeye has revolutionized the way we engage customers and promote positive user-generated content online. This partnership has optimized the review generation process at the most critical touchpoints in the customer journey. Consumer feedback analytics now drive innovation and improvements in our organization. ” Read more

Briana Nunez, Reputation Management Administrator


“Birdeye is great for businesses because it allows us as owners to manage and see on a daily basis how our customers are perceiving our customer service. We receive updates daily so it is an easy way for myself to view and give immediate feedback, positive or negative, to our management team. You do a great job!!!” Read more

Suzanne Mackin, Vice President of Mackin’s Auto Body

“We’ve had a great experience with Birdeye. It actually delivered what it promised. Within just 6 months of using this platform, our review volume has gone up rapidly. Before joining Birdeye, it took us nearly 6 ½ years to collect 1500 reviews for all our dealerships but Birdeye got us 915 reviews in just 6 months. That’s really impressive. The platform really works.” Read more

Travis Williams, Internet Sales Manager


“Every person who’s using the platform, from diner level manager to district or regional or VP, has the ability to filter and fine-tune and make it work best for them.” Read more

Denise D’Amico Johnson, Communications Manager at Black Bear Diner

Image result for blaze pizza logo

“Our customer experience standards are very high. We use Birdeye on a daily basis to maintain our operations. Real-time customer feedback and competitive insights give us the edge need to sustain high-level growth. Read more

Jim Mizes, President and COO


Client Logo 1583298184895

“Birdeye has completely restructured the way we do business. We’re more agile in converting our sales leads because of Birdeye webchat, and we’re seeing over twice as many internet search inquiries due to our ratings & reviews.” Read More

Brandy Mills, Operations Manager

“Birdeye has helped us build a great brand reputation and understand our customers better than ever. It’s affordable, user-friendly, and more than pays for itself with the new customers we get through online reviews.” Read more

Dave Troemel, General Manager

“Overall Birdeye is one of the best marketing decisions they’ve ever made. Getting reviews and managing their online presence has made an impact on internet presence and this has definitely equated to an increase in people coming through the door and landing on their website!” Read more

Cindy McCabe, Treasurer

“With Birdeye, I loved seeing our reputation transform from dismal to extremely healthy. Birdeye has one of the easiest platforms and teams to work with. It is very easy to learn.” Read more

Justin Shook, Director of Social Media and Strategy

“I love Birdeye. My favorite thing is the convenience and automation with MindBody. I absolutely get new clients from my reviews. I hear it from people all the time ‘you guys have great reviews.” Read more

Carol Fernandez, Owner

“Our online reviews have increased exponentially! And as a result, we are getting more business because we know our potential customers make buying decisions based on current customer reviews. It’s a cycle and it works!” Read more

Gina Svendsen, Director of Marketing

“Birdeye is truly an asset to CornerStone Staffing. Thanks to Birdeye, our online reviews have more than doubled in the first 5 months of this year as compared to the same time frame last year.” Read more

Debra Hill, Chief Information Officer

“The internet grows more and more every day. It gives people access to each other that we’ve never had before, and it allows for consumer-to-consumer marketing which is so incredibly powerful. People are going to trust online reviews more than they’re going to trust any piece of professional marketing that they see on the internet. It’s as simple as that, really.” Read more

Chelsea Creekmore, President