Why is Birdeye the Best Website Chat in the Industry?

Ruchika Batra

4 min read Last Updated Nov 30, 2020

Chat functionality on your website is a powerful tool to convert your website visitors into customers without the need for any additional marketing activity or effort. 

If you have already decided to enable chat on your website, let me assure you that it is a great business decision. There are however various types of chats available in the market today that may end up confusing you. 

Remember, you need to select a solution that is complementary to how your business works and at the same time is convenient for your site visitors to use. For instance, there is no point in enabling live chat that needs an agent to always be in front of the computer if you do not have dedicated people to manage it. Right?

Birdeye Webchat is a unique on-the-go chat solution that does not tie you or your site visitors down to a computer. Birdeye Webchat uses the universally preferred mobile texting technology along with the chat function on the website to create a seamless experience for site visitors and the business. It is therefore hardly surprising that the product has received several awards that vouch for both the robustness and simplicity of use of the platform. 

Let’s talk about some key features that make Birdeye Webchat the best website chat in the industry:

Everything is Customizable 

Birdeye believes in building solutions that compliment your business and blend easily. So if it is a chat icon or form on your website, we give you all the tools to customize the look and feel as well as the messaging that goes with it so that your visitors have a unified experience.

Contact information captured for future 

Most live chats rely on capturing visitor information during the conversation. Unfortunately, if for some reason the session ends abruptly, you could lose a potential lead.

Birdeye, on the other hand, ensures that your site visitor provides all the relevant contact information while submitting his/her query. This ensures that the agent can call, text or email the visitor even after the conversation has ended.

Text messaging 

Text messaging is ranked as the No.1 channel that consumers want to use to engage with businesses (Source: Twillio). 9 out of 10 consumers want to use text to talk to businesses. It is not just a one-way communication channel. More than 85% consumers will reply to a message from the business.

Birdeye uses the medium to continue the conversation with the lead once the visitor starts the conversation with webchat. The visitor does not have to stick around on the website and can continue the conversation on-the-go.

Mobile App 

Birdeye’s slick and easy-to-use mobile app ensures that even you or your staff can manage queries from website visitors on-the-go. Each user on your platform can download the Birdeye mobile app and can respond to queries on the go.  

Instant alerts and push notification 

Birdeye makes sure that you get the message every time – whether you are on the Birdeye dashboard or via push notifications from your mobile app or as emails in your inbox. These alerts make sure you do not miss even a single incoming query.

One all-inclusive dashboard 

All incoming messages from your site visitors are stored in an easy-to-navigate dashboard. All your responses, from you or from your staff, are stored as part of the communication log.

Imagine a prospect named Jake who reached out 5 months back and did not convert into a customer. You will know what Jake was asking for five months ago and you can start the conversation again. In case you responded to Jake via your phone text, that conversation will also show up as part of the communication log. Pretty neat, huh?

Multi-location support 

BirEye Webchat can be implemented on your website very easily even if you have multiple offices. Conversations for each location are segmented and stored within the dashboard for easy retrieval whether it is accessed via desktop or via the mobile app.  

Ease of use 

Birdeye Webchat is easy to implement and use. To activate chat on your website, you simply need to copy over a simple code from within your dashboard and add it to your website – it’s that simple. All customizations can be done within the Birdeye dashboard conveniently. 

Manage messages from Facebook Messenger 

Yes, you read that right! When you subscribe to Birdeye Webchat, we also help you integrate your Facebook Messenger with Birdeye. When your Facebook page visitor messages you via Facebook Messenger, you can reply and manage those as well within your unified dashboard. 

Want to convert your website visitors into paying customers conveniently and easily?

Watch a demo to see how Birdeye’s webchat can help your business. 

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