Marketing for roofing companies often becomes an afterthought. Most roofing companies survive on seasonal leads, sporadic inquiries from listings , or occasional customer recommendations. Yet, this approach only leads to survival rather than thriving growth.  

Roofing business marketing is key to a steady stream of leads throughout the year. It ensures that you have a strong market reputation and gain a competitive edge with ease.

Wondering how to market a roofing company? Go through this blog post to find the answer. 

We’ve explored the top 20 roofing marketing strategies you can deploy to get new customers and scale your business. 

Why should roofing companies invest in marketing? 

Investing to market your roofing company ensures that:

  • New customers can find you easily. Birdeye Survey shows that 37% of customers looked for home service businesses online in the last year. 
  • Local customers choose you over your competitors. A presence on local listing directories and Google Maps can help local customers find and reach you easily. 
  • Customers seek you rather than you seeking customers. 
  • Improved brand awareness that comes from social media presence, organic content marketing, and email marketing. 
  • You improve conversion rates by targeting customers at the right time using digital marketing techniques. 
“ Birdeye has given us another way to measure our onsite project managers, get customer results, dramatically increase the number of reviews, and significantly cut down the labor hours required to obtain these reviews. The service pays for itself on one job based on our Google rankings and online reviews. My time is spent on more efficient things since Birdeye has taken the work out of getting reviews and managing our reputation.”
- Garcia Roofing and Sheet Metal 

Top 20 roofing marketing strategies your business needs 

Home services marketing works best when you combine digital and offline marketing methods. This applies to roofing marketing too. In this section, we’ve discussed the top 20 roofing marketing ideas that can help you grow your business: 

  1. Claim and update your Google Business Profile 
  2. Optimize website and listings for local SEO efforts
  3. Build location-specific website pages 
  4. Rank higher on organic search with content marketing 
  5. Create helpful videos to engage customers 
  6. Capture leads with integrated web chat solutions 
  7. Set up easy-to-use appointment booking systems 
  8. Reach customers via text 
  9. Run email marketing campaigns 
  10. Use social media marketing to improve digital presence 
  11. Implement a unified messaging system 
  12. Grow word-of-mouth marketing leads 
  13. Leverage review marketing 
  14. Improve customer experience with AI
  15. Monitor competitors to stay ahead of them 
  16. Run paid campaigns 
  17. Explore event marketing 
  18. Invest in offline marketing methods
  19. Design engaging out-of-home advertising 
  20. Join community groups to network and identify collaborations 

Let us take a look at each of these roofing marketing ideas and how they can help you grow your business. 

1. Claim and update your Google Business Profile 

When customers require your services, their first stop is often Google. They look for store addresses, service areas, phone numbers, reviews, and photos. And Google pulls that information from your Google Business Profile.

If you don’t have a Google Business Profile, the first step in marketing your roofing business is to create or claim one. It is an easy process and hardly takes 5 minutes, but it can make all the difference in your success. 

Once you have the Google Business Profile:

  • Verify your Profile to update photos, and collect and manage Google reviews
  • Update essential information such as Name, Address, Phone number, service areas, and list of services you provide. 
  • Update the Google My Business Photos section with your business logo, cover photo, project photos, and team photos. 
  • Add regular updates with the Google Posts option. 
  • Set up booking and messaging. 

2. Optimize website and listings for Local SEO 

Google Business Profile is an important listing site for your roofing business. But don’t just stop there. Look for local listing directories and contractor review sites where customers look for roofing companies in your locality. 

Here’s how an updated presence on local listing directories helps:

  • Google verifies your NAP (Name, Address, and Phone number) as given on your Google Business Profile and validates your presence. 
  • Build trust among customers. The more they see your brand, projects, and customer reviews, the more likely they will call. 
  • Send signals to the search engine that you are a trustworthy business in the locality, and more customers should see your profile. 
Image shows local search results for roofing companies

Also, make sure that your website carries:

  • Accurate and consistent information for NAP
  • Service areas 
  • Relevant customer reviews 

This further boosts your success rate in local search marketing

Birdeye Listings can ensure your presence on 100+ listing directories and manage them from a single dashboard. 

Image shows Birdeye helps roofing companies understand the impact of their listings

3. Build location-specific website pages 

Service businesses must send clear location-specific signals to their target customers and search engines. 

Location-specific information enhances customer experience, boosts local SEO efforts, and brings your profile to the top results. 

Image shows location-specific pages in roofing companies website

If your roofing company serves more than just one location, the location-specific pages can carry:

  • Unique information on materials used and roofs installed in that location
  • Seasonal information on roof maintenance
  • Location-specific customer testimonials
  • Location-specific pricing

4. Rank higher on organic search with content marketing 

Not all customers know that they need your services right away. Some leads need nurturing by providing the information they need to make that decision. And if you’re there to answer the question, “How do I know my roof is leaking?” they may call you when they need a new roof too. 

Helpful customer-oriented content and optimizing it for the target audience’s keywords will eventually generate a lead. 

Ranking for organic search results can also help you build the authority of your website, fostering trust with Google.

5. Create helpful videos to engage customers

Video makes it easy to hold the customer’s attention, explain dry concepts, and engage them with your team. 

Most roofing companies usually don’t have an office where customers can interact with them, inspect materials, and so on. 

Creating videos can help customers put a face to the business, understand your work, and know more about the roofing business. 

Some video marketing ideas for roofing companies are: 

  • Project progress videos showing the installation process
  • Video testimonials from customers
  • Explainer videos from team members for repair and maintenance issues 
Image shows local search results (video) for roofing queries

6. Capture leads with integrated web chat solutions 

Now that you have made sure the customers reach your website, let’s look at a few ways to keep them engaged and ensure they stick around. 

When a customer clicks on a link and visits a business website, they have the highest intent. It is now your opportunity to engage them and ensure they become viable leads. Integrated web chat solutions like Birdeye Webchat can do that for you. 

Be available to your customers 24/7, answer frequently asked questions, and use AI to analyze customers with Birdeye. 

Image shows Birdeye helps roofing companies capture leads with webchat

7. Set up easy-to-use appointment booking systems 

We live in the age of fast conversations and actions. The more steps a customer takes in reaching you, the less likely they will. An appointment booking system ensures they can book a slot in a few simple clicks. 

Home service businesses say that 86% of their revenue comes from appointments. The majority of them even see 10 or more appointments in a day. Imagine handling all that without a system. 

Image has a table that shows that 86% revenue for home service businesses including roofing businesses come from appointments

Thankfully, setting up appointment booking systems is not that hard.

Image shows how the Reserve with Google option would look for a roofing company

Google allows you to collect appointment requests right from your Google Business Profile. You can connect with customers, confirm slots, and capture active leads instantly. Advertising your availability can make customers happier to approach you than others who need multiple phone calls and scheduling. 

Grow your roofing business rapidly

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8. Reach customers via texting 

Customers seek convenience and often choose companies that provide them over everyone else. Your customers want a new roof and want it in the most hassle-free manner. Interacting over text messages is the most effective way to:

  • Book appointments 
  • Negotiate pricing 
  • Follow up on progress 
  • Send review and survey requests once the job is complete. 

More and more customers are opting in for business text messaging, and your business needs to get on this lucrative channel right now. 

Know all about the latest business texting 10DLC regulations and business texting from our detailed blogs. 

Image shows how roofing companies can use texting services to connect with customers

9. Run email marketing campaigns 

Another form of direct marketing strategy with a high ROI and guaranteed conversion rates is email marketing. The biggest advantage of this roofing marketing strategy is that customers have opted in to hear your messages and are more likely to book your service. 

Roofing companies must market their business using email marketing by sharing:

  • Period roofing maintenance tips
  • Reminders on roof upgrade seasons 
  • Discount campaigns 
  • Referral programs 
  • Customer engagement campaigns to re-engage old customers 

10. Use social media marketing to improve digital presence

Most business inquiries start on social media platforms. Even if they discover your roofing business on any other platform, they will likely visit social media channels to evaluate and understand your business. 

For best results, 

  • Choose a platform that is relevant to your target customers. Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok are good candidates, so choose according to your bandwidth. 
  • Share periodic updates on your business. 
  • Post customer reviews, video testimonials, and positive feedback you receive. 
  • Answer social media messages and capture leads from this channel. 
Image shows how Birdeye Social helps roofing companies make the most of their social media presence

11. Implement a unified message management 

Your customers will contact your business across multiple channels. We have discussed more than three communication channels in this blog post. Each channel is important, so choose tools that help you manage conversations across different platforms. 

A unified inbox or message management system like Birdeye Messaging can help you manage all conversations per customer in one single dashboard. 

Responding to customers from a single inbox improves customer satisfaction, captures leads, and reduces customer complaints. This way, the message has a higher conversion rate. 

Image shows Birdeye Messaging helps roofing companies consolidate all messages in one place

12. Grow word-of-mouth marketing leads 

Word of mouth generates a high volume of leads for roofing companies. But, most customers would not think to refer their friends to your business without a prompt. You must incentivize and run carefully crafted referral and loyalty programs. 

When you finish a project, engage the customer to understand their experience, gauge their satisfaction levels, and trigger a referral campaign. This can be done via a referral code or other loyalty programs. 

Most customers seek recommendations from their friends and family, so pay attention to this lead generation channel and nurture your customers. 

Image shows how Birdeye helps roofing businesses grow their referral programs

13. Leverage review marketing 

Happy customers can help you close more deals than any other marketing campaign. But their reviews won’t help much if they are just on a review platform or your website. 

Share your positive reviews far and wide and ensure every potential customer can see this. 

Review marketing is an essential roofing marketing tool that helps boost your online reputation, build trust with potential customers, and make them overcome any hesitation they may have. 

To grow your roofing business with the power of reviews: 

  • Establish a review generation process and send automatic review requests to every customer.
  • Be present on all top review forums. 
  • Monitor reviews on Google and other niche-specific review sites. 
  • Respond to all reviews.
  • Identify all positive reviews and share them on social media, email newsletters, websites, and other marketing materials. 

Looking to maximize the power of reviews for your business? Use Birdeye to generate, monitor, respond, and market all your reviews from a single dashboard. Our AI-driven solutions help you craft review responses and write witty captions when you share them on social media too. 

Image shows a roofing company posting about positive reviews on social media
“We have been in Business for over 40 years and only had 50 Google reviews. Birdeye has almost doubled our online reviews in the first 30 days, and I can't thank them enough! 10 Stars!” 
- Marshall Roofing, Siding, and Windows. 

14. Improve customer experience with AI

The customer experience starts the moment a customer contacts you, much before they make the first payment. Most customers today have high expectations from local businesses. They expect them to provide the same experience as other prominent brands would. 

You can also compete with these brands with a lean team if you leverage the powers of AI or AI-driven solutions like Birdeye. 

AI-driven solutions can help you:

  • Understand your customers 
  • Provide omnichannel support
  • Track customer conversations, summarize them for better understanding, and send professional responses with generative AI.
  • Analyze customer feedback and take action to improve instantly 
  • Personalize customer interactions 
  • Provide a consistent experience across all marketing and interaction channels 
“The thing I like most and is most impressive is the excellent customer support. They truly are on your side and there to fix it and make it right. The best part is that they always fix it and get it right. When things go this smooth it's a testament to the outstanding management.” 
- Bibbo Builders LLC 

15. Monitor competitors to stay ahead of them 

Sometimes the answer to your marketing questions does not lie with customers but with your competitors. Monitoring competitors can help you understand the gaps in the industry and align your services and campaigns with customer expectations more precisely. 

AI-driven reporting tools like Birdeye can help you:

  • Compare reviews and ratings across locations with competitors 
  • Monitor their popularity across performance parameters 
  • Know what your competitors are up to from a single dashboard. 

For example, if you see that a particular competitor’s pricing is receiving bad feedback, you can alter your pricing and win over their customers. 

Image shows how roofing companies can use Birdeye analytics to grow their business

16. Run paid campaigns  

While you wait for customers to discover and engage with you organically, investing in the right paid advertisement can boost your growth. 

Roofing companies can choose from 

  • Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising on Google
  • Local Service Ads
  • Social media ads 

While all these modes are good to explore, PPC and Google local service ads have a higher success rate since you can showcase your Google Business Profile, overall rating, and reviews. 

With PPC and Google local service ads, your business will appear above the organic search results and increase your click-through rate significantly. 

Image shows examples of PPC ads and social media ads for roofing companies

17. Explore event marketing 

A lot of local home service business marketing happens on the ground. Attending trade shows and local events is crucial as they provide an ideal platform for people to connect with your roofing business face-to-face. 

While digital marketing can help roofing companies, exploring event marketing is also important. 

Roofing companies can participate in:

  • Home improvement events 
  • Local events run by builders’ organizations 
  • Any event where their target audience will likely participate and engage with them. 

When attending these local events, it’s vital to be well-equipped with the proper marketing materials, collect customer data, record/document the event to promote on social media and follow up with customers post-event. 

18. Experiment with offline marketing methods 

Do you know where your target audience hangs out or lives? That information can help you launch many effective offline marketing campaigns. Some of the best ways to market a roofing campaign offline are: 

  • Newspaper ads
  • Posters, flyers, and coupons 
  • Mail marketing 
  • Vehicle wrap advertisements 
  • Bus bench ads

While these campaigns may not directly translate into a high volume of leads, you can significantly boost brand awareness and connect with potential customers. 

19. Design engaging out-of-home advertising 

Billboards and standees can be expensive but can also often hit the nail on the head when done right. Investing in out-of-home advertising methods can definitely reap rewards when you design them well. 

For best results, make sure that:

  • The branding of your roofing company shines and stands out 
  • Include customer reviews, Google and other review site ratings
  • Add your email address, textable phone number, and social media handles 
  • Work with a professional designer and use project images 

20.  Join community groups to network and identify collaborations

Marketing a roofing company is not a lone sport. You can gain leads and connections by joining your local service business groups to identify growth opportunities and potential networks and join with collaborators. 

These community-led connections can help you launch co-branded campaigns, use the social media reach of a bigger brand, and reach a wider audience. 

FAQs on roofing marketing strategies 

What do you post for a roofing company? 

A roofing company can post customer reviews, project photos, before/after shots of a site, helpful tutorials, and roof maintenance tips on social media and Google posts. 

How do you write a good review for a roofing company? 

You can write a good review for a roofing company by mentioning their pricing, turnaround time, customer service quality, and work ethic. 

How can I improve my roof sales? 

You can improve roof sales by investing in local SEO, updating Google Business Profile, posting on social media, texting your customers, booking appointments, and building referral programs


Marketing a roofing company is an important step in growing your business. You can leverage many digital and offline marketing channels to generate leads, reach customers, and improve conversion rates. 

Your roofing marketing campaigns will have higher ROI if you focus on customer experience from the first interaction. 

Birdeye is an all-in-one AI-driven customer experience and reputation management platform that can help you scale your business faster and better. 

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