Want to look great on contractor review sites? Nowadays, having a great online reputation is more important than ever- after all, 86% of customers rely on online reviews to discover local businesses. Plus, quality reviews help you rank higher on search engines and get discovered by customers. 

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Now, let’s talk about what contractor review sites you need to know- and how you can look great on them.

Top contractor review sites in 2023

Contractor review sites help businesses grow faster, build social proof, and become trustworthy names in the marketplace. Ensure you establish a presence on niche-specific review sites and encourage customers to share their experiences on these websites. 

5 Questions to ask before getting a contractor review sites

But before you research outside, reflect on the questions to ask before getting a contractor review site:

  1. What type of contractor are you looking for? 

There are many different types of contractors, so it’s important to know what you need before looking for reviews. 

For example, if you’re looking for a general contractor, you’ll want to find a site that specializes in reviews of general contractors.

  1. What is your budget? 

The cost of hiring a contractor can vary widely, so it’s important to set a budget before you start looking for reviews. 

This will help you narrow down your options and find contractors that are within your price range.

  1. What type of work do you need to be done? 

The specific type of work you need to be done will also affect the reviews you want to read. 

If you’re looking for a contractor to remodel your kitchen, you’ll want to find reviews of contractors with kitchen remodeling experience.

  1. What are your most important factors? 

When looking for reviews, it’s important to consider what’s most important to you.

You might be looking for a contractor with a good reputation, a competitive price, or a quick turnaround time. Someone who clearly understands your requirements and has a similar experience to be able to pull off yours efficiently. 

The top contractor review sites to watch out for in 2023 are:

1. Google Business Profile 

The world’s biggest search engine also happens to host the most important review site – your Google Business Profile. Every time a customer looks for a business, one of the first things that will pop up is your profile with Google reviews. Ensure you have a filled Google Business Profile and customers leave reviews here. 

Example of how Google Business Profile reviews help businesses

For more information, check out our complete guide to Google reviews.  

2. Facebook 

While having a Facebook profile is important for sending organic social media posts to your followers, it’s also a great site for collecting customer reviews. Remember, more than 2 billion people are monthly active users on Facebook. 

Facebook does not have a 5-star rating system. Instead, it allows customers to recommend or not recommend a particular business. 

Read our complete guide to Facebook reviews to get started. 

Click here to read our complete guide to Facebook reviews

3. Porch

Porch is a local home services website that helps homeowners with projects, maintenance, and repairs by connecting them with quality professionals. Customers can reach out to you directly after reviewing your profile.

Porch website showing contractor reviews

Click here to sign up for your Porch account.  

4. Yellow Pages 

While you might not get too many customers discovering your business from Yellow Pages anymore, yellowpages.com is still functioning. The site allows users to find and review local businesses. The site averages more than 13 million active users. 

Yellow pages website showing reviews

Click here to claim your Yellowpages listing. 

5. Houzz 

Houzz is a review site that connects interested homeowners with design professionals. So if you’re involved in landscaping and remodeling, make sure you have your business listed on Houzz. Learn more about houzz reviews.

Houzz website page

6. Thumbtack 

Thumbtack allows customers to find local professionals all over the internet- that’s anything from piano teachers to massage therapists to contractors. The site currently has 10 million users and 2150,000 businesses using its services. 

Thumbtack reviews example

Click here to claim your Thumbtack listing. 

7. Angi

Angi (formerly known as Angie’s List) is a home services platform that allows customers to connect with quality local contractors best suited for their home repair and maintenance needs. You canrequest customer reviews and upload images of your work to manage your reputation effectively and efficiently.

Learn more about Angi reviews.

Claim your Angi listing here.

8. HomeStars 

If you are a contractor in Canada, then HomeStars is an important contractor review site to be listed in 2023. By being listed on this website, you can make sure that your business is accessible to the 8 million homeowners who visit HomeStars every year. Customers looking for contractors can find your business easily and also view the reviews left by existing customers on your profile.

Homestars website page

Click here to get started with HomeStars. 

9. Construction.co.uk

For contractors serving localities in the UK, a presence on construction.co.uk is an important factor to grow their business. This is one of the most trusted platforms for customers to look for reliable and recommended contractors for their projects. 

Example of reviews on Construction.co.uk page

Customers can choose contractors across 100+ categories and also validate their choice based on the reviews received on their profiles. 

10. Foursquare

Foursquare is a leading listing platform for all businesses. Contractors can benefit from creating a Foursquare business listing, allowing customers in their target location to find them easily. Prospective customers can view the location of the business along with the ratings and reviews left by existing customers on the site. 

Example of Foursquare listing

11. Better Business Bureau

For any business, a listing on Better Business Bureau is a mark of trust. And this holds true for businesses in the contracting industry as well. On this website, customers in the United States, Canada and Mexico region can find businesses that suit their requirements and come recommended by other customers.

Contractors can apply for a BBB certification, claim their free listing profile, and get discovered by potential customers. 

Better Business Bureau page

Click here to get accredited with BBB.

12. TrustedPros  

TrustedPros has helped homeowners in America to find reliable and efficient contractors for their home service needs since 2004. The website allows businesses to create listings on the website and garner reviews from their customers. Along with the reviews, the platform also allows a unique TrustRank to each contractor based on the review volume and quality of their listing. 

TrustedPros website

Having a presence on this site can definitely boost your appeal to customers. 

Click to register your company on TrustedPros

13. Pro Referral

Pro Referral is a platform that allows customers to hire trust-worthy professionals easily. This platform is now an initiative of Home Depot and provides access to hundreds of qualified contractors across America. 

Customers can view reviews on each contractor’s profile before making a purchase, helping contractors convert leads faster. 

14. MyBuilder

MyBuilder is a platform that connects contractors and prospective customers looking for services in a particular location. You can sign up on this website for free and pay a small fee only when the lead moves to the contact stage. 

Customers can visit the profile of each contractor, read reviews, and choose the ones they wish to connect with. 

MyBuilder.com website

Having a presence on this site and asking customers to leave reviews here can help you grow your contractor business faster. 

15. Local roofing

This platform is majorly for roofing contractors to get featured to target audience in their service locations. Customers can choose from the pool of listed contractors based on the information on their profile and the reviews/ratings left by existing customers. 

It is a simplistic website but can work wonders for roofing contractors looking to grow their business by featuring customer reviews. 

Local Lawn maintenance

Another niche contractor review website, Local lawn maintenance helps businesses in the landscaping industry improve their presence in their target localities. Customers can search businesses by location and then evaluate them based on their reviews before making a decision. 

The listing is free and is available for businesses across the United States of America.

Can you find a good contractor online?

All the above-mentioned sites allow you to read reviews from other homeowners, compare prices, and get quotes from multiple contractors. They can be a great resource for finding a qualified and trustworthy contractor for your project. 

So yes, you can find good contractors online. But how to know whether these contractors will do justice to your project? 

Here are some additional questions you can ask when evaluating a good contractor: 

11 Questions to ask before finalizing a good contractor online 

By asking these questions, you can be sure that you are hiring a qualified and trustworthy contractor who will do a great job on your project: 

  1. How many reviews are there? 

The more reviews, the more reliable the site is likely to be.

  1. How recent are the reviews? 

It’s important to read reviews from recent projects to get an accurate sense of the contractor’s current work quality.

  1. Are the reviews from verified customers? 

Some sites only allow verified customers to leave reviews, which can help to ensure that the reviews are genuine.

  1. Are the reviews positive or negative? 

Read both positive and negative reviews to get a balanced view of the contractor.

  1. Are you licensed and insured? 

This is important to protect yourself in case something goes wrong during the project.

  1. How long have you been in business? 

This is a good indicator of the contractor’s experience.

  1. What type of work do you specialize in? 

This will help you make sure the contractor is qualified for the type of work you need done.

  1. Can you provide me with references? 

This is a great way to get feedback from other homeowners who have worked with the contractor.

  1. What is your warranty? 

This will protect you in case something goes wrong with the work after it is completed.

  1. How do you handle changes to the project? 

This is important to know in case you need to make any changes to the scope of work during the project.

  1. What is your process for resolving disputes?

This is important to know in case there are any problems with the project.

Tips for finding a good contractor online

Here are some time-tested and helpful tips from customers who have hired contractors online that might be useful to you: 

  • Start by researching the type of contractor you need

Do you need a general contractor, a plumber, an electrician, or someone else? Once you know what type of contractor you need, you can start narrowing down your search.

  • Reflect on the reviews properly

This is the most important step in finding a good contractor online. 

Read reviews from other homeowners to get an idea of the contractor’s work quality, pricing, and customer service.

  • Get multiple quotes

Don’t just choose the first contractor you find. 

Get quotes from several contractors so you can compare prices and services.

  • Ask questions

Once you’ve found a few contractors you’re interested in, be sure to ask them questions about their experience, their pricing, and their guarantees.

  • Check references

Finally, be sure to check the contractor’s references. This will give you a good idea of how they’ve treated other homeowners in the past.

By following these tips, you can find a good contractor online who will do a great job on your project.

How to get chosen on contractor review sites?

Once you get your business listed on these sites, you might wonder what you need to do to stand out from your competition. Here are a few steps you can take to be the obvious choice in your area. 

Claim and maintain your business listings 

The first thing you should do on each one of these sites is to claim your business listing. That will allow you to edit your business information, add high-definition photos, and engage with your customers. 

Once you have claimed your business listings, ensure the correct name, address, and phone number (NAP) on each one are correct. 

Send review requests 

There’s a simple trick to getting more reviews on sites: requesting and reminding customers to leave reviews. Most customers understand how much a review can help a local business and are more than willing to give you feedback. 

An email or text request is the most effective way of getting more feedback. Make the process simple for your customers so they just click a button and leave a review.

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Monitor reviews 

A bad review can end up doing damage to your business’s reputation. After all, nobody wants to get a contractor they can’t trust. That’s why monitoring your reviews is important so you can act immediately. 

Monitoring reviews also allows you to see how you can improve business operations. If you see something like “bad service”, that can give you valuable feedback on how you can improve your experience for future customers.
Therefore leveraging online review management software like Birdeye can actively collect and manage reviews from hundreds of review sites, ensuring a strong online presence.

FAQs about contractor review sites

How do I find local contractors?

The best way to find local contractors is to do online research. Compare customer reviews, services offered, experience levels, and pricing using contractor review websites. You can also ask family and friends for their opinions if they have an experience with certain contractors. 

Where is the best place to leave a review about a contractor?

The best place to leave a review about a contractor is on home services review sites, such as Angi or HomeAdvisor. These sites tend to be highly trusted, and customer reviews can be used to help other people determine if a contractor is reliable. 

Are contractor review sites free?

Yes, contractor review sites are typically free to join. In some cases, a fee may be associated with additional marketing services or features that allow businesses to promote themselves further and attract potential customers.

Is Thumbtack legit?

Yes, Thumbtack is a legitimate platform for customers to find local services and rate contractors. It provides users with information on providers, such as pricing, services offered, and quality of work from customer reviews.

Is Thumbtack better than HomeAdvisor?

HomeAdvisor and Thumbtack are both good. Users should compare each site’s features to determine which best meets their needs before committing to one service provider over another.

What are contractor review sites?

Contractor review sites allow homeowners to leave reviews of contractors they have worked with. These sites can be a great resource for finding a qualified and trustworthy contractor for your project.

How do I find a good contractor?

To find a good contractor: 
Do your research online.  
Get multiple quotes. 
Ask questions.  
Check references.

How do you deal with a lying contractor?

Here are some tips on how to deal with a lying contractor:
1. Document every communication with the contractor, including emails, text messages, and voicemails. This will help you if you need to take legal action.
2. Stay patient. Don’t argue with the contractor, as this will only worsen things.
3. Get help from a lawyer. If you cannot resolve the issue, a lawyer can help you file a lawsuit against the contractor and get the compensation you deserve.

Are reviews on contractors’ review sites genuine?

Yes, reviews on contractors’ review sites are genuine. Here are some additional tips for using contractor review sites:
-Read both positive and negative reviews to get a balanced view of the contractor.
-Be sure to understand the rating system. Different sites use different rating systems, so crosscheck before you make a decision.
-Don’t rely on reviews alone. While contractor review sites can be a great resource, conduct your research.

What sort of reviews should I look before when checking contractors’ review sites?

These filters will help you find a contractor review site with the right contractor for your project. Check for:
-The number of reviews: The more reviews, the more reliable the site will be.
-The recent reviews to understand the contractor’s current work quality.
-The type of reviews: Some sites only allow verified customers to leave reviews.This ensures that the reviews are genuine.
-The overall rating: It gives you a good idea of how other homeowners perceive them.

Be the best contractor with Birdeye 

It is important for businesses to establish a strong presence on niche-specific business sites, especially those in the contracting industry. 

Contractor review sites can help you grow your business and reach a wider audience. It is important to encourage customers to leave reviews on these sites and actively manage them.  With Birdeye, it’s easier than ever to collect and monitor reviews across the Internet. 

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