Facebook Business Page Tips to Help You Make an Instant Impact

Frederik Hermann

5 min read Last Updated Jan 22, 2020

Facebook business page tips - Facebook Marketing

Facebook has evolved as one of the biggest platforms to connect with your customers. Apart from having an informative website, and listings on major review sites, businesses are creating Facebook business pages to solidify their presence. To achieve the maximum impact out of a business page on Facebook, it is important follow Facebook business page tips. You can incorporate them as a part of your Facebook marketing plan.

Here are 7 Facebook business page tips that can help you make an instant impact on your customers:

    • Focus on less marketing, more connecting
    • Resonate with your company’s culture
    • Step out of your comfort zone
    • Utilize tools to optimize
    • Try and test
    • Act approachable
    • Maintain frequency

Facebook business page tips – Focus on less marketing, more connecting

Most important tip for your Facebook business page- It should cater to the consumers rather than the business itself. Businesses nowadays are using their Facebook business page more as a promotional channel for their products and services. If a page focuses more on the business than the customers, consumers will sense it and not follow the page.

Caring for followers and addressing them will bring them back to your page. Furthermore, this will make them feel like an essential part of a community rather than an audience targeted for promotion. In addition to promoting specials and available products and services, through a Facebook business page you can:

  • promote meaningful content
  • respond to customer’s input
  • attend to customer concerns

Facebook business page tips


Resonate with your company’s culture

Many business pages tell a completely different story about the business. The page owners should ensure that the business page is in line with company’s goals and visions.  The business page is a subset of the business. Messages that create conflict between website content and Facebook business page must be removed. There must be clarity in communication of how a company should respond to customer reviews.

Step out of your comfort zone

With every business now having single or multiple business pages, businesses are trying to lure customers by posting content that relates to the business. Simply emulating a successful business page’s strategy is not enough.  You have to be original and innovative. The content that you share can become monotonous for your reader and they might lose interest.

You will find it difficult to capture the attention of your audience if you don’t experiment with different kinds of posts. A successful content strategy should involve a mix of infographics, videos, photos, and other visuals.  You need to keep trying various combinations to eventually find out that which one works the best for you.


Utilize tools to optimize

Small businesses, in their attempt to build a strong presence on Facebook, rely on what only Facebook provides. However, they do not realize that other tools outside Facebook’s vicinity can empower them with a barrage of features. There are several tools from third-party companies that integrate with Facebook to offer out-of-the-box features that make managing and promoting your page a breeze.

Birdeye, a powerful online reputation management software, allows you to manage your online presence. By using Birdeye you can share your positive reviews on social media channels, and attend to negative reviews instantly.


Try and test

You must find the right combination. Usually, it takes certain time to figure out what strategy works best for you. However, testing various strategies seems intimidating to small business owners. In fact, the big picture states that trying different strategies eventually helps you save a lot of money in the long run. Once you know what is fetching you results, you can focus your effort and resources on that successful version.


Act approachable

Your Facebook business page tips are meant to bridge the gap between you and your customers. Welcome the engagement on your page by responding quickly to opinions, queries, appreciations or any sort of communication you receive on your Facebook business page.

In addition, you must attend to issues or concerns raised by your customers and engage with them to provide meaningful resolution. Facebook users then comment on the posts, tag their friends, and share. This, as a result, makes posts more popular and increases your business page’s visibility. Take a step further and give your opinion on what your consumer has posted on your business page. Moreover, personal interactions with customers foster trust in your brand and drives attention to your page.

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Maintain Frequency

Your business page is in a way another ‘business storefront.’ It makes no sense if your audience is visiting your page only 5-6 times a year. Posting frequently should be on your priority list if you want your consumers to be engaged with your page. Your business page should serve as an information feed to your users.

By making best use of many Facebook business page tips, you can prompt your users to come back for more informative content. With the help of analytics, you can spot trends and patterns such as the days of the week when you get the maximum response, what type of user engage with your content, etc. This can help you plan and schedule your content in advance. In conclusion, this foresight will ensure that your work gets noticed and has every opportunity to make the impact you want.

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