Call it X or Twitter; it is a social media platform that no business can afford to miss. While many things have changed on the platform in the past year, engagements have been at an all-time high. If you want your business account to take a piece of the pie, it is time for a Twitter audit. 

Studies show that 80% of Twitter users follow a brand and that Twitter Ads can reach up to 339.6 million people. The platform holds huge potential for businesses looking to build a dedicated community. However, figuring out what works and why your content has been missing the mark can be challenging. 

This blog post is your guide to conducting an efficient Twitter audit and taking steps to elevate your Twitter marketing strategies

What is a Twitter audit? 

A Twitter audit is the process of reviewing your Twitter account’s performance to determine whether it’s meeting social media and brand goals and expectations. Your audit must include a deep dive into your profile setup, tweets, follower growth, and engagement rates. 

With an effective Twitter audit, you can evaluate your performance against industry benchmarks, identify well-performing content, scope for improvement, fake followers, and set appropriate goals for your future Twitter marketing campaigns. 

Businesses can manually audit Twitter or use third-party social media management tools to analyze their accounts. 

Why is a Twitter audit important? 

A regular Twitter audit helps businesses set the right marketing goals and marketing KPIs, run targeted campaigns to improve ROI, gauge customer sentiment, and revise marketing strategy based on the audit results. 

Let us take a closer look at the benefits of a Twitter audit: 

Goal setting and KPIs

The key to a successful campaign is knowing its limits by setting the right goals and identifying the correct marketing KPIs to measure. For example, if you don’t audit your Twitter profile, you may end up setting a metric of 10000 follower count increase. If your account is only growing by 500 or so followers, it would be impossible to achieve this goal, setting your team up for failure. 

However, if you know the current follower growth rate and the content that made it possible, you can choose an achievable goal and work effectively towards it. 

Improve ROI 

If your business invests in advertising campaigns on Twitter, it is important to know your current target audience’s demographic, top-performing content, top-performing advertising formats in your niche, and more to maximize your ROI. 

Auditing your Twitter content and running a competitor analysis can help you easily identify these key elements. 

Revise strategy 

Just devising a content plan and hoping that it works is not a sustainable approach. Analyzing past performance and taking a holistic look at your Twitter account is more likely to help you choose the right marketing strategy. 

Conducting a Twitter audit midway through a campaign can also be helpful to course-correct and achieve the desired results. 

Gauge customer sentiment 

Twitter is a popular platform for consumers to voice their opinions on popular topics, interact with brands, and share their feedback on business interactions. Auditing your Twitter mentions, replies, direct messages (DMs), and overall engagement rates can provide a keen insight into overall consumer sentiment on the platform. 

6 effective steps to conduct a Twitter audit 

Conducting a Twitter audit involves thoroughly reviewing your branding, follower growth, content marketing strategy, and engagement metrics and adjusting your strategy accordingly for the best results. 

This section explores each step in detail so that you can understand your Twitter profile better. i

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Twitter branding audit 

The first step in getting started with a Twitter audit is to check if your Twitter business account accurately represents your business. Everything a potential customer needs to know must be easy to locate, right from the first look at your Twitter profile. 

Image shows an example of Twitter profile

The things to pay attention to while auditing your Twitter branding are:

  • Cover photo: Your Twitter page’s cover photo occupies a lot of real estate, so it must be attractive, engaging, and descriptive. Pick a cover image that talks about your products, services, brand values, or any current events your customers should know. Anything that you feel would help customers connect with your brand must be in that cover photo. 
  • Profile photo: The profile picture must ideally be your business logo. Make sure that you choose a high-quality image that is well-edited to fit the Twitter image guidelines. 
  • Brand messaging via bio: Your Twitter bio should tell your customers what they can expect by interacting with your profile. This includes your key values, unique service offerings, your website address, and business/service location. 
  • Pinned tweets: The Twitter bio is good but not enough to convey everything about your business. Leverage the pinned Tweets feature to highlight your best products, services, press coverage, and customer testimonials. 

Twitter follower audit 

The next step on the Twitter audit tour is an audit of your follower count, follower growth rate, fake follower count, and a demographic breakdown of your audience. 

Follower growth rate 

A good measure of your Twitter performance is the rate at which your followers increase over a period of time. Auditing follower growth rate for a longer period can help you spot trends, identify campaigns that contributed to the growth, and also screen for fake followers. 

Every social media manager and CMO should know the follower growth rate verbatim, especially if they plan to grow the brand on the platform. 

Image shows how to conduct a follower audit with Birdeye

Demographic breakdown 

The next step of the audit is to understand who your followers actually are. You can use the built-in Twitter analytics dashboard or use third-party social media management tools to get a demographic breakdown of your audience. 

Knowing this detail about your followers can help you choose the right content, devise targeted campaigns, and align your Twitter strategy to business growth goals. 

Fake follower analysis 

Fake accounts and bot accounts are a significant challenge to businesses trying to genuinely engage users and grow a strong community. That makes it extremely vital for businesses to keep a check on fake followers that may impact their engagement rate. 

But how to identify fake followers with a Twitter audit? 

If you see a surge of new followers without any campaign to link it to, it could be from fake accounts. A good way to audit Twitter followers and identify fake accounts is to check the following: 

  • Age of the account: Brand new accounts and very old accounts with no activity are a complete red flag. 
  • Follower count of the accounts:  Bot accounts have very few followers and usually have less than fifty to hundred followers. 
  • Profile activity: When was the last tweet from this account? Do they have any original content or is the profile filled with sporadic retweets?
  • Profile picture and name: Accounts with avatars and keywords in their names are often fake accounts or bots. 
Pro Tip: Identifying fake followers manually can be a time consuming task. However, you can use third-party tools to streamline this process and follow it up with a manual verification to authenticate the tool’s results. Verify the legitimacy of the tool before using it as Twitter may impose penalties for using unauthorized tools. 

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Twitter content audit 

The content you post on Twitter plays the most critical role in your growth. It must tick the following boxes: 

  • The content format must be popular on Twitter. We recommend using memes, videos, and content threads with engaging graphics for the best results. 
  • Your content must resonate with your target audience. Research what the competitors are posting, what content generates the most engagement, and what content aligns best with your brand goals. 
  • The content must align with your overall business objectives. For example, posting memes is good but unless it actually drives brand awareness, or revenue, it does not contribute to social media marketing goals. 
Image shows how to conduct a Twitter content audit with Birdeye

What does audit your content mean? – Twitter edition  

Auditing Twitter content means analyzing your past content to evaluate its effectiveness, impact, and engagement rates. Additionally, the audit must measure: 

  • Publishing frequency 
  • Best performing content 
  • Link clicks 

Correlate these results with engagement reports to devise a successful Twitter marketing strategy. 

Twitter engagement audit

The Twitter analytics dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of significant social media metrics such as engagement rates, impressions, and video views to name a few. Measuring engagement rates help uncover trends in audience interactions, identify highs and lows of your Twitter performance, and understand what works best for your audience. 

If you manage multiple Twitter accounts for your business, you can also use consumer intelligence/social media analytic tools to audit Twitter engagement comprehensively. 

Twitter engagement audit metrics 

A few things to know and include in your Twitter audit report are: 

  • Impressions or views that your Tweets receives 
  • Reach or the unique users who have viewed your content 
  • Video views
  • Paid campaign metrics such as total ad spend, cost rate, and results rate 
  • Interactions such as profile clicks, hashtag clicks, likes, and follows 
Pro Tip: For instantly identifying fake followers, audit Twitter engagements that seemingly stem from non-branded content or unrelated hashtag clicks. 

DMs and response times 

Auditing your direct messages from Twitter users and measuring your response times, resolution rate, and so on can help you understand the effectiveness of your business on the platform. 

While Twitter does not directly provide this metric, you can use social media management tools like Birdeye to audit your DMs and response rates. 

Image shows how to manage social media messages with Birdeye

With Birdeye, businesses can measure 

  • Number of messages received via Twitter 
  • Messages responded and queries resolved over a period of time 
  • Resolution rate and response time 
Image shows message analytics

Pro Tip: Integrate your Twitter Inbox with a live chat solution to send automated responses, answer frequently asked questions, and never miss a lead. 

Twitter sentiment analysis 

Take your Twitter audit to the next level by measuring customer sentiment towards your business over the platform. Businesses must invest in social listening and constantly monitor what users are saying of their business across social media platforms. This becomes extremely vital for a platform like Twitter where consumers constantly post grievances surrounding brand interactions. 

While there are many ways to do this, one of the easiest ways to do so is to leverage an AI-powered social media management tool like Birdeye.

Image shows how to use BirdAI to generate social media conversation summaries

Birdeye helps businesses use AI to analyze customer messages, reviews, and more to generate quick summaries and gauge overall consumer sentiment. 

Conduct a competitor analysis 

While a Twitter audit of your profile, you can take it a step further by analyzing the Twitter performance of your direct competitors as well. 

Auditing your competitors will help you identify: 

  • Content gaps in your marketing strategy 
  • Identify top-performing content ideas for your target audience 
  • Follower demographics you can target but haven’t yet 
  • Industry standards for engagement rates, follower growth, and overall branding
Pro Tip: Analyze your competitors’ performance across all social media platforms, review sites, and listing platforms. This will help you understand their brand positioning and set the right tone for your Twitter account as well. 

Audit your Twitter accounts to grow faster on the platform 

Twitter is a powerful platform and helps businesses identify potential customers and brand advocates to engage and convert. However, that’s not possible without knowing what’s working and not. Without a concrete plan of action, your tweets don’t reach the intended audience and achieve the goals you set out to hit. 

That’s where the Twitter audit comes in. It unlocks growth opportunities, helps you choose the right strategy, and refines your advertising campaigns. From an effective Twitter audit, you’ll gain valuable insights into your audience, content strategy, and engagement rates. 

So, what are you waiting for? Take control of your Twitter destiny and watch your brand take flight!

Frequently asked questions on Twitter audit 

What are the signs of a Twitter bot? 

Some common signs of an account being a Twitter bot is their Avatar or simplistic profile picture, profile name with keywords or symbols, and low genuine Twitter activity. 

How do you get rid of fake followers on Twitter? 

You can get rid of fake followers on Twitter by conducting a Twitter audit and using a third-party tool to remove fake followers directly. 

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