13 travel review sites you need to know in 2022

Dhiraj Nallapaneni

5 min read Last Updated Nov 8, 2022

travel review sites

If you’re in the travel industry, it’s important to pay attention to travel review sites. More and more customers are turning to online reviews for every purchase decision, whether it’s finding a flight, a restaurant to try in a new city, or a hotel to stay at. Here are the travel review sites that you need to know in 2022. 

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1. Google 

While Google is known first and foremost as a search engine, it’s also one of the biggest travel companies in the world. 

Google search gives customers in-depth information about hotels including pricing, location,  and customer reviews. Here’s what popped up when I typed in “hotels in Copenhagen”. 

Hotels in Denmarl

Because of the visibility of these search results, it’s important that your business looks great on Google. Here’s how you can start collecting more Google reviews

2. Facebook 

Facebook is the biggest social media site in the world. It’s also the second-biggest review site behind Google. Make sure that your business has a Facebook profile so you can start getting more visibility from Facebook’s more than 2 billion users. 

Facebook is unique amongst review sites because it does not have a 5-star rating system. Instead, customers get the option to “Recommend” or “Not Recommend” your business. 

3-6. Expedia (Orbitz, Hotels.com, Travelocity) 

The Expedia Group includes sites like Orbitz, Hotels.com, and Travelocity. These sites together represent a large chunk of the travel review ecosystem. To get your business listed on these sites, visit the Expedia Group’s Partner Services page

7. TripAdvisor 

While TripAdvisor may have been eclipsed by sites like Google and Facebook in recent years, the site is still relevant. TripAdvisor contains 25% of all hotel reviews. Check out our in-depth guide to TripAdvisor reviews

8-10. Bookings (Booking.com, Kayak, and HotelsCombined) 

If you’re a property owner looking for bookings- Booking.com is one place where you need to get listed. Booking.com boasts over 29 million listings, including hotels, apartments, and vacation homes. 

Booking.com also owns Kayak and HotelsCombined, two more travel sites that allow travelers to compare rates of different hotels and find options for transportation. 

11. Airbnb 

While Airbnb is primarily a booking platform, it also contains guest reviews. If you have a listing on Airbnb, it’s important to keep track of what your guests are saying on this platform. Check out our guide to Airbnb reviews

12. Hostelworld

As you might guess from the name, Hostelworld allows travelers to find and book hostels, hotels, and bed & breakfasts all over the world. Start listing your business on Hostelworld to start getting bookings from more travelers all around the world. 

13. Foursquare 

While Foursquare started as an app where customers could check in to businesses, it’s now one of the most popular review sites on the Internet. Foursquare has more than 50 million monthly active users. 

Best practices for review sites 

So now that you know the most important travel review sites, what can you do to attract more customers to your business? Here are some best practices that will help you take full advantage of each one of these sites. 

Send customers review requests (when you can) 

Remember, the more feedback that you get, the better. Sites like Google and Facebook encourage businesses to send review requests to customers. After all, encouraging your customers to leave reviews can lead to more balanced feedback. Usually, only customers who feel that they had strongly negative experiences are motivated to leave a review. 

Sending review requests for a site like Airbnb doesn’t make much sense since Airbnb already sends review requests after the guest’s stay has ended. 

Monitor your reviews 

It’s important to keep a close eye on your reviews. A bad review, if left untouched, can dissuade customers from trying your business. So be sure that you’re actively monitoring and responding to these reviews. 

While it’s tough to monitor reviews across all of these different travel review sites, a tool like Birdeye can make it easy. In the Birdeye dashboard, you can see reviews from 150+ sites. There’s no need to go to individual sites one by one. You can even leave responses within the dashboard and watch your response show up on the site where the review was originally posted. 

Promote your reviews 

When you get a great review, don’t just leave it there. Share it with the world. Because nobody can sell your business quite like your customer, a great review can be a fantastic piece of marketing. 

With Birdeye, you can automatically share your 5-star reviews on your social media profiles. Birdeye’s review widget allows you to share a live feed of your reviews on your website, so all of your website visitors can see the opinions of your happy customers. 

Collect and monitor reviews with Birdeye 

Don’t fall behind on a single travel review site. Birdeye allows you to monitor reviews on 150+ sites like Google, Facebook, and TripAdvisor. Find out why more than 90,000 businesses use Birdeye to be found and chosen across the Internet.

Originally published Dec 06, 2019 4:34 PM, updated Nov 08, 2022