Google is invaluable for helping businesses reach their target audiences and provide an enhanced customer experience. Birdeye, an industry leader, helps multi-location businesses leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) to streamline customer experience, reputation, and social media management. 

Birdeye has built a strong partnership with Google to enhance its offerings and help businesses fully utilize all Google products and services.

In this blog post, we’ll explore how Google and Birdeye come together to empower location-based businesses.

“When we look at the larger Google ecosystem, it is quite extensive, and it can be quite difficult for individual businesses to navigate. And Birdeye plays an important role in the middle as one of our most integrated partners.”

Uday Ghatikar, Field CTO and Google Cloud

The Google Business Profile package 

The Google Business Profile is one of the most significant offerings from Google for location-based businesses. It helps them display their products and services effectively while optimizing their online presence. 

Image shows a sample Google Business Profile

Google is constantly reinventing this product and adding features that can elevate the user experience while looking for a quality service provider. 

Birdeye helps multi-location businesses create, edit, update, and monitor multiple Profiles from a centralized dashboard. 

Additionally, being a premium Google partner, Birdeye customers can instantly access all functionalities, enabling them to:

“Google is constantly making many changes at the product and technology levels. Especially with Business Profiles, changes keep happening. It helps to work with solution providers like Birdeye, who take these packages and surface them within the applications that you use, so that you get the best benefit of all the technologies that are rolled out across Google.”

Kiran Bellare, Head of Product – Generative AI, Google Cloud

Google Seller Ratings integration

Google launched the Google Sellers Ratings program to help businesses optimize their ad spend and generate a higher click-through rate on their advertising campaigns. With this program, businesses can showcase their average review rating from Google reviews with their business name. 

Image shows an example of Google Seller Ratings

Showcasing a strong review rating helps earn consumer trust and is 17% more effective than ads without Google Seller Ratings. 

Birdeye is one of the few hand-picked partners who can offer the Google Seller Ratings program to location-based businesses.  

Google Reviews

Google is the largest review platform, accounting for 79% of all online reviews across industries. The share of Google reviews in healthcare, real estate, and automotive businesses is over 90%. 

Image shows an example of Birdeye and Google reviews integration

These numbers underscore the importance of consistently generating Google reviews and having them go live instantly on your Google Business Profile.

Birdeye’s partnership with Google ensures that your customers can leave a Google review directly from the platform without clicking multiple links. This results in a significantly high response rate.

Google Messages 

You can integrate Birdeye’s centralized Inbox with your Google Business Profile to ensure you never miss a lead. This way, once a customer/lead clicks on the “Message” button, you can start interacting with them and nurture it through to conversion. 

Image shows an example of how to handle Google messages with Birdeye

As of July 31st, 2024, the Google Chat feature will no longer be active. However, for Birdeye customers, our integration with Google ensures you can continue managing customer messages via Birdeye Messaging without skipping a beat. 

Grow your presence on Google with Birdeye

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Appointment booking with Google 

Google offers an appointment booking solution for service businesses. With select partners, businesses can collect booking requests and use the appointment management tool to engage with customers, confirm/reschedule appointments, and send reminders.

Google Business Profile booking feature

This feature, known as “Reserve with Google”, is also now available to all eligible Birdeye customers. In addition to adding a “Book now” button, Birdeye customers exclusively can:

  • Manage all appointment requests and related conversations from the unified Birdeye Inbox
  • Create a custom branded appointment widget for their website and drastically increase their conversion rate 
  • Instantly respond to each appointment request right from the Birdeye mobile or desktop application

Google AI integrations 

Image shows how BirdAI integrates with Google reviews

Beyond the direct product integrations, Birdeye’s AI technology BirdAI also integrates seamlessly with Google reviews and helps businesses:

  • Generate AI-powered review responses 
  • Edit review responses to change tone, improve grammar, and enhance its overall impact 
  • Auto-translate non-English reviews for better understanding and respond to the review in the same language 
  • Analyze Google reviews for a particular location and generate review summaries for customer feedback management 

Frequently asked questions on Birdeye and Google partnership 

Does Birdeye allow review gating?

The Birdeye platform does NOT allow review gating in any way, shape, or form for any customers. Here is a detailed blog post on our Google-compliant review request process.

Company X says, “We get preferred treatment from Google because of X.” Is this legitimate?

Any claim like this should raise a red flag regarding that company’s trustworthiness. Google’s mission is to keep its search results and reviews 100% objective; Google will not bias its reviews to favor any business or vendor. Rather, they give priority to relevant, informative, authentic content. The best way to increase Google reviews is to adhere to Google policies and use a platform that is fully integrated with Google, such as Birdeye.

Is the Birdeye platform integrated with Google My Business?

Yes, Birdeye is directly integrated with ‘Google My Business’. With this integration, businesses can respond to Google reviews from within their Birdeye dashboard and their response will be automatically posted to Google. Birdeye also lets businesses create review response templates to streamline review management. By making it convenient to respond to every review, Birdeye helps businesses solve problems faster and boost activity on their Google profiles.

What other integration do you have with Google?

Birdeye is integrated with Google Maps and Google Reviews to enhance Business Profiles. This integration, along with accurate business listings, rich content, authentic reviews on Birdeye, and instant engagement tools like Webchat, helps drive more engagement and convert more qualified leads.

Google and Birdeye integration

What else does Birdeye’s Google partnership produce?

In addition to our API integrations, we work closely with the Google Maps team. We collaborate on Birdeye’s roadmap and ensure alignment between Google and Birdeye’s vision now and in the future.

How is Birdeye different from other review companies?

While several companies offer review management, Birdeye provides the most advanced review software in the market and much more. Birdeye’s all-in-one software gives you the tools to acquire new customers and retain existing ones: reviews, surveys, listings management, messaging, webchat, ticketing, insights, and competitive benchmarking.

Birdeye – the most complete Google solution for location-based businesses 

Birdeye is a certified Google partner poised to provide comprehensive AI-powered solutions for businesses to elevate their Google presence. 

Our deep partnership with Google helps us provide various integrated solutions for reputation and customer experience management. 

From managing Google Business Profiles and Reviews to leveraging Google Seller Ratings and appointment bookings, Birdeye empowers you to leverage the full potential of Google’s ecosystem within a centralized platform.

Birdeye aims to foster a collaborative relationship, ensuring alignment with Google’s vision for the future. 

By choosing Birdeye, you gain a trusted partner who unlocks the full potential of Google’s solutions. This empowers you to acquire new customers, retain existing ones, and ultimately put your best forward on Google. 

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