How to remove Google reviews – is it possible?

Wondering how to remove Google reviews, or if there is even a way to do this? The short answer is no, but wait! All hope is not lost.

Sites like Google, Facebook, and TripAdvisor aim to deliver honest, unbiased reviews. Some sites have strict penalties for businesses that try to game the system either by writing fake reviews, offering incentives, or some other shady maneuver. Only reviews that explicitly violate the review site’s Terms & Conditions have a chance at being removed, but only by a site administrator.

If you have posted a Google review yourself and are looking to remove it … here is how:

  1. Open Google Maps on your computer
  2. Click the Menu (top left)
  3. Click “Your contributions”
  4. Click “Choose Reviews”
  5. Next to the review you want to edit or delete, click “More”

How to remove Google reviews

The point is: an authentic Google business profile displays ALL opinions from ALL customers, not just the ones the business prefers. Therefore, your negative reviews are here to stay.

Review management

You can’t control what customers say, but you can control what you say. The right response could win back the customer’s loyalty or even get them to edit or delete their review. Even if the customer takes no further action, others reading the review will take note of your thoughtful response, minimizing the damage of the negative review.

Don’t react, respond

Reviews piling up with no response tell customers your business couldn’t care less about them — you want to prove the opposite is true.

Tip 1: In your response, ask the reviewer questions to help understand their problem, such as:

“Who was your server?”
“Which room did you stay in?”
“When did you book your appointment?”

These answers allow you to be more specific in your response and take more informed corrective actions.

Tip 2: Offer options to ease their concerns and show you care. For example:

    • Refund their money. Use your best judgment to determine if the issue was exceptionally awful enough to merit a full refund.
    • Offer a discount for the next time they return. This increases the likelihood of the customer giving you a second chance.
    • Promise to fix the problem internally. If you do this, list any specifics you can, such as who you will contact and when you expect the issue to be resolved.

Only after responding thoughtfully and providing a satisfactory solution should you consider asking the customer if they would remove their review — if they haven’t already done so on their own. Don’t push this, as it implies you only care about your brand image rather than your customers.

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What’s the antidote for a bad review? Lots of great reviews.

Customer voices are the most powerful form of advertising. Don’t be clueless on how to remove google reviews, as you should collect new reviews from your customers on a consistent basis and eventually the positives will outweigh the negatives. Automated software like BirdEye makes it incredibly easy to get hundreds of new reviews on third-party sites, then promote the best ones across the web.

Negative reviews are an inevitable part of running a business, but with a solid review management strategy in place, your customers will do your marketing for you.

How Do Customer Reviews Help SEO

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