A Guide to Creating a Short Link for Your Google My Business Profile

Recently, Google started rolling out a new feature that makes it easier than ever for businesses to share their Google My Business listings. You now have the option to create a unique short link for your Google My Business profile. Here’s why these Google short links are important and how you can create your own.

What is a short link?

Prior to this update, Google My Business URLs were usually a long string of numbers and letters like https://goo.gl/maps/xzsNaMqNNTxk5zox5. It’s tough to remember something like this or put it on a flyer. With a custom short URL, sometimes referred to as vanity URL, you can have a simple link containing your business name or something unique about your business.

A Google short link takes this format:

google short link example

This short URL is much easier to share with customers online, in-person, and on marketing materials. Customers who see the link will be able to see your business’s information on Google, including how customers are rating your business through Google reviews.

Getting a Custom Short Link For Your Business In Five Steps

Here’s how you can create a custom short URL for your Google My Business profile.

  1. Sign in to Google My Business.

  2. If you have a multi-location business, open the location where you want to create a short name.

  3. From the menu on the left, click Info > Add profile short name. If this feature is available, you should see this in the box under “phone number”.

  4. Enter your short name. Your short name can be anywhere between 5-32 characters.

  5. Click Apply. Your short name will show as pending. It will show on your business profile when it’s approved.

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