How to verify my business on Google: the ultimate guide

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How to verify my business on Google

Google Business Profile (formerly known as Google My Business) is a free tool that helps businesses manage their online presence across Google. When you create and verify your business on Google, you’ll be able to control how customers see your business and decide which information is displayed. 

Having an active Google Business Profile makes it super easy for customers to contact you and leave reviews. You can also post updates and special offers that will appear on Google Search and Google Maps. 

We often see questions like, “why do I need to verify my business on Google?” or “what is the best way to verify my business on Google?” To get answers to these questions and more, read on. 

Why you need to verify your Google Business Profile

Google wants to make sure that your company is genuine and exists at the address it claims. To accomplish this, Google offers a variety of ways for companies to verify their business. After Google has verified your company and its address, it can then be seen on Google Search.

Verifying your Google Business Profile helps your business appear correctly across Google’s products, such as Search and Maps. It also guarantees that people looking for the products or services you provide can find your business online.

How to verify my business on Google

Typically your business will have an existing Business Profile on Google. If your business does not have a profile, you will need to create one. 

To create a Google Business Profile for your business first, go to and sign in with your Google account. If you don’t already have a Google account, you’ll need to create one.  See our step-by-step instructions on how to create your Business Profile from scratch for one location or for multi-location businesses.

If your Google Business Profile already exists, but you haven’t claimed it yet, go to and enter your company name. If your Business Profile already exists, it will appear in the drop-down menu. Go ahead, and select your business. Google will now ask if you want to manage this profile. Once you click “Manage now,” you will need to verify the Business Profile. 

Google Business Profile manage this business

Google offers different ways to verify your profile. You can use a phone, text, email, or video call to do this. The type of verification needed depends on the information Google has about your business. Each verification process is straightforward, but you may need to verify with more than one method.

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Let’s dig a little deeper into each of the Google Business Profile verification options to see what each process looks like. 

Verification methods

Google Business Profile choose a way to verify

Since there are a few different ways to verify your Google Business Profile, pay close attention to the important information for each before you decide which method will work best for you. 

1. Postcard verification. With the postcard request method, Google will send you a postcard with a verification code by mail. Your postcard should arrive within two weeks. Once you’ve received it, you’ll have to enter the unique five-digit code on Google to confirm your company is at the specified address. 

Once you’ve requested a postcard from Google, don’t make any changes to your company name, address, or category while you wait for your card to arrive. Don’t request another code, either. 

If you change your profile information or request a new code, Google will cancel the code on the original postcard and send a new one to maintain the integrity of your account.

Each verification code is assigned only to your company and your provided address. Verification codes are valid for 30 days after they’ve been generated.

  • Step 1: Request the postcard verification method. Go to your Google Business Profile. Select “Get verified,” and then click on “Postcard.” Make sure your business address is correct. Then, request the postcard.
  • Step 2: After you receive the postcard, enter your verification code. Go to your Google Business Profile. In the “Code” field, enter your unique five-digit verification code provided on the postcard. Then click “Submit.

2. Phone or SMS verification. Before you pick this option, it’s important to remember your business phone number must be able to receive direct calls and text messages. Unfortunately, interactive voice response systems will not be able to get the verification code. 

If your business phone can be directly answered and receive text messages, follow these steps for verification: 

  • Go to your Google Business Profile.
  • Click on Get Verified > Phone or SMS.
  • If you select Phone, answer the call and listen for the verification code. Make sure you write it down so you don’t forget it. If you choose SMS, open the text with the verification code.
  • Then, enter your code into your Google Business Profile to complete verification.
Google Business Profile enter code to verify

3.  Email verification.  If you decide to verify your business by email, make sure you use the same exact email address on the verification screen. 

  • Go to your Google Business Profile.
  • Click on Get verified, then click on “Email.”
  • Follow the steps outlined in the email from Google

4. Video recording verification. If you choose to verify your account with a video recording, keep in mind that if you cancel the video upload to Google at any point, both you nor Google won’t be able to access it. 

Before you hit that record button, you’ll need a game plan for your video. Google requires a continuous recording that includes the following points:

  •  Your business location. To display your Google Maps location, capture video of the outside of the business, such as street names, neighboring businesses, or the neighborhood around your company.
  • Business or equipment. Capture video of your operations to show your company occupies this Google Maps location. This might cover items such as stock items for sale, branded equipment, marketing materials, and customer-facing tools.
  • Proof of management. Include footage of employee-only items or places that prove you’re authorized to represent your company. This could include a cash register, kitchen, storage room, or non-sensitive business papers. You could also use your keys to enter your building.

Once you have your plan to be able to record these elements above, you’re ready for the next steps: 

Step 1: Upload your video

Go to your Business Profile on your cell phone. If you started your verification process on a desktop computer, you can scan a QR code to continue on your phone.

  • On your Business Profile, tap Get verified > Capture video.
  • Tap Start recording. Follow the steps and record your video.
  • Tap Stop recording > Upload video.

Step 2: Wait for review

Once you’ve uploaded your video to Google, it will be under review for up to five business days. If you’re verified, you’ll get a notification. If this verification method doesn’t work, you’ll still see the “Get verified” button., which means you’ll have to try a different verification method.

Step 3: Delete your video

Once you’ve been verified, go back to your Google Business Profile. On the top right, click More, then click Advanced Settings, then click Video Uploads, then click Delete Videos.

5. Live video call verification. Before you select this method, make sure your phone can take live video calls and you’re within the Google support hours for video call verification. Like the video recording verification method, you’ll need to confirm you’re at the location of your business and prove you’re the business owner on the video call.  Then, follow these steps: 

  1. Go to your Google Business Profile.
  2. Click “Get verified,” then click “Video Call,” then click “Next.”
  3. Select language.
  4. Click “Start call” to begin chatting with the next available representative.
  5. When you’re ready, a support representative will help guide you through a video call.
  6. Show your business location and proof of business ownership. 

How you can verify your business instantly

It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes Google can tell if a Google Account owns a certain Business Profile. For example, your Google Business Profile might be verified right away if you previously verified your website with Google Search Console– the free tool from Google that helps website owners, SEO professionals, and developers understand how they’re performing on Google Search. 

For new Search Console users, if you verify your matching website after you add or claim your profile, click “Get verified.” From there, you may edit your profile and connect with customers right away.

If a qualifying business manages 10 or more locations of the same business, that business might be able to use bulk verification.

Bulk Google Business Profile verification for multiple locations

You can use Business Profile Manager to manage multiple profiles in bulk. Before you take any action, make sure your account can be verified. 

First, make sure a verified account doesn’t already exist for your business and your account has no errors. Next, you’ll need to provide a spreadsheet with 10 or more profiles from the same business. This spreadsheet should only contain the profiles you manage. If you operate a service area business, then you can’t use the bulk verification method.  

When you are ready, sign into Business Profile Manager on your computer. On the left, click “Verifications.” Then, select “Chain.” Fill out the form and include the business name, business countries, and regions, the contact name of everyone who manages this Business Profile account, the contact phone number, the business manager email, and the Google Account Manager email address. When you’re done, submit the form. Google will then email you to let you know when your account is bulk verified. 

Can somebody else verify my business on Google?

You can only verify and manage your company information on a Google Business Profile if you’re the owner or an authorized representative. You can add a manager to your Business Profile if you’d like to share management access with others.

You can also add trusted third parties to your profile after you enter your verification code using any of the methods outlined above. You’ll then have the option to transfer primary ownership to a third party.

Additional benefits of verified status

By verifying your business, you’re essentially telling Google you’re a legitimate business and your information is accurate. This comes in handy when potential customers are searching for your business online. Most importantly, verified businesses tend to rank higher in search results, making it more likely that customers will find you.

Verified businesses can also take advantage of additional features, like including photos, videos, and special offers in their listing. All of these things can lead to more customers and increased sales for your business. 

When you’ve verified your Google Business Profile, you’ll also get access to information about how people are finding your profile. This includes data on branded and non-branded searches and information about where people are seeing your listing. 

Tips for maintaining a verified status

It’s important to maintain your verified status on Google. It can help you build trust with customers and help protect your brand. 

When your business information is verified on Google, you can keep your online presence current with accurate and timely information. When information about your business changes, make sure you update your Business Profile right away. Regular updates help make sure Google can share the most accurate information with your potential customers. In some cases, Google might not accept changes if there are inaccuracies. 

For best results, you should:

  • Consistently represent your business as you would in the real world across signage, stationery, and other branding.
  • Make sure your address and/or service area are accurate and precise.
  • Choose the fewest number of categories it takes to describe your overall core business.
  • There should only be one profile per business location, as this can cause problems with how your information displays on Google Maps and Search.

FAQs about how to verify my business on google

How do I know if my business has been verified?

Visit Google Business Profile Help, “Verify Your Business” tab to check on your verification status.

How much does it cost to verify my business on Google?

There is no cost to verify your business on Google. The Business Profile Google is a free tool that allows businesses to manage their online presence across Google, including Search and Maps.

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