How to Use the Google My Business App to Drive Growth

Once you’ve set up your Google My Business profile, you can get started with the Google My Business app. The Google My Business app is available on both Google Play and iOS. By using the app, you can engage with your customers and stay on top of how your business appears to customers at a moment’s notice. Here’s how you can use the Google My Business app to your business’s advantage.

Setting Up the Google My Business App

google my business setup

If you haven’t done so already, the first step is to claim your Google My Business profile. If you have an existing business, chances are that you already have a listing. All you have to do is find it and claim it.

If you need to create a new Google My Business profile, click here.

Once you’ve claimed your Google My Business listing, all you have to do is download the app and sign-in to your Google account. Here’s how you can start using the app to drive revenue growth.

How the Google My Business App Can Help Your Business Get Discovered

In the Google My Business app, you have several different options to engage with your customers. The more you engage with customers, the more likely you are to rank higher on local search. Doing things like responding to customers and creating Google posts in the app shows Google that your business is trustworthy. That in turn, helps your business rank higher on search.

Now that you have the app set up, here’s how you can use it to draw more customers to your business.

  1. Keep Your Information Up-to-date

    Keeping up-to-date information about your business’s name, address, and phone number is crucial for local SEO. According to Moz, citation signals like these are one of the major factors determining your local search ranking. The more accurate the information you have about your business across the Internet, the more likely it is that your business will rank higher on search results.

    Plus, you want to make sure that you’re staying on top of minor changes, like if your business is closed for a holiday or if you’re adjusting your opening hours. Making sure that all this information is accurate can help you provide accurate information to customers and prevent frustration. After all, 68% of customers say they will stop using a business entirely if they find incorrect information online.

    updated inf

  2. Get Detailed Insights about Your Customers

    In the mobile app, you’ll be able to view Google My Business insights, which gives you the ability to see exactly how customers are discovering and engaging with your business. With this information in hand, you’ll have the ability to make changes to your business. Click here to read our full article on how to use Google My Business Insights.

    google insights

  3. Engage Your Customers with Posts

    Google gives you the ability to make posts that will be visible to customers viewing your profile.  These posts could be any sort of advertisement that you want to share with customers for a limited time such as special discounts or advertisements for an upcoming event. Recently, Google has made this feature significantly more prominent, giving businesses the ability to display up to ten posts at a time.

    These posts are live for seven days and are a great way to promote customer engagement. After all, one great discount can be the difference in a potential customer choosing you over a competitor.

  4. Instantly Stay on Top of Customer Feedback

    When you get negative feedback, you’re dealing with a time limit. To turn an angry customer into a happy one, you need to act quickly and decisively. If you act too late, it might be difficult for customers to change their mind about you, and they might even spread negative word-of-mouth about your business.

    Luckily, the Google My Business app allows you to get instant notifications when customers interact with your business. You can make sure that you can respond to all Google reviews in a way that’s polite and deals with the issue that the customer experienced. You can deal with the problem before it becomes something too big to handle.

    In the future, Google is planning to release a feature that allows businesses to respond to any customer who messages them through Google My Business. While no date for this new feature has been announced, this messaging feature will make the Google My Business app even more crucial for businesses.

    responding to review

Use BirdEye to Stay on Top of Customer Feedback

responding through BirdEye

The Google My Business app is great, but Google isn’t the only site where customers might discover your business. There are hundreds of different review sites on the Internet where customers are sharing their opinion on your business. It’s hard to manually go through and manage your customer reviews on each one of these sites.

Luckily, there’s a way for you to keep track of all of your customer reviews. With a review software like BirdEye, it’s easier than ever.

With BirdEye, you can keep track of customer reviews across different more than 150 review sites across the Internet. You can respond to these any of these reviews within the BirdEye dashboard and the response will show on the site where the review originally appeared.

Use BirdEye, the #1 Reviews Software

With BirdEye, you can stay on top of every aspect of customer feedback. BirdEye’s all-in-one platform enables businesses to get new reviews, manage and respond to reviews from over 150 sites in a single dashboard, automatically share posts on social media, and receive actionable insights through Natural Language Processing.

BirdEye has been named the #1 company in the reputation management industry by G2Crowd. This award was given based on ratings from hundreds of authentic customer reviews.  

Watch a demo to see why more than 50,000 businesses use BirdEye to drive growth. 

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