Cross-promotion: What does it mean for your small business?

Cross-promotion is an interesting technique for marketing your small business. It essentially involves teaming up with other related businesses for promoting your products or services based on a proposition of drawing mutual benefits.  These related businesses should not be your direct competitors.

Here are 4 top benefits of leveraging cross promotion for your business.

  •  Cross-promotion improves your online reach
  • Greater visibility and social engagement

  • Helps you get new customers

  • Reduces your marketing costs

1) Cross-promotion improves your online reach


One of the major plus points of cross-promoting your business is that it enhances your online reach. With cross-promoting your small business, you’re able to reach out to a wider set of audiences. This helps create greater awareness about your products or services. By choosing to partner with related businesses, your promotions become visible to their customers as well.

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2) Greater visibility and social engagement

When you’re cross-promoting your business, your social media engagement also increases. This is because when you partner up with related businesses, they’re likely to share posts or updates about your products and services on their Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+, Instagram, etc. This will give a boost to your social media visibility as more audiences will learn about your business. If your services interest them, they might even start following your business on social media. This can increase your social media engagement as well as your follower count.

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3) Helps you get new customers

When the audience or customers of the related businesses get to learn about your business, it also increases the chances of getting new business leads. For example, if they are looking for a similar service like yours and then get to read about you through a social page they’re already following, they might want to get in touch with you. They could either email you or call you to learn more about your services, prices, location, etc. If you respond to them in time with the best proposition, they might even go ahead and book a service with you.

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4) Reduces your marketing costs

The best part about collaborating with other businesses is that you can save time and cost on your own marketing efforts. When you cross-promote each other’s business, you share a common pool of resources. The costs get divided between each business. This is a big saving for your business as compared to running the show alone and draining massive funds to meet your marketing objectives.  You can also benefit significantly by choosing to utilize each other’s assets and strong areas. For example, while your business might be the one with the creative ideas, your partner business might be great at executing those ideas by connecting with relevant channels or influencers. Leveraging each other’s strength can bring greater results to your cross-promotion efforts and maximize mutual benefits.

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Cross-promoting can make your marketing strategy more effective and bring greater revenue to your business. It can be a great marketing technique for small businesses that have a resource crunch.  Consequently, cross-promoting gets you the support of your partner businesses. So, if you’re facing a difficult time handling your business promotion alone, start exploring lucrative opportunities of cross-promoting your business.

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